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Community Conversation #2 Take Aways: What did you think?
Winning Jobs Narrative Project with Melissa Morales + Bobby Clark  



"What really stuck with me was the power of putting workers rather than government as the hero of the story.
That is a much more empowering + galvanizing perspective than the one in which workers "need help."
Nancy, Oakland, California


"Talking with voters, especially listening to their concerns, reinforces their intentions to vote.
Blair Hines, Brookline, MA


"Great instructional presentation. Tools anyone can use!" Susan Romans, Stow, VT


"…someone FINALLY has created a campaign that values human beings who work over wealth.
That the hold of neoliberal values in the Democratic party has finally begun to break. I’d like to see
even more articulation of how all of us ARE the government…" Katha Seidman, Brookline, MA


It gave new context to the trend of slightly growing numbers of Hispanic + Black voters who voted/vote Republican … I liked the clear examples of messaging that works + how it succeeded in specific campaigns. …Working people do not want to be associated with the homeless + others whom the government “helps”, because they… are working hard, have to drive far, get to work early, cannot work from home like rich people + are raising families. And they see clearly that this country would grind to a halt if they were not around."
Felicia Madrigal, Los Angeles, CA


"I am impressed, relieved, encouraged + hopeful after learning what the competent, local, on-the-ground groups are doing." Juli Furgeson, Arlington MA


Major take away - Voters are more apt to vote if they feel respected and needed for what they do.  Telling people what the government will do for them is not necessarily as important as telling voters how important they are to the betterment of society. This discussion was excellent and got me thinking how important it is that people are respected for what they are doing both as workers and as family members.

Thank you for this discussion and for so much that I have learned from FM leading up to the midterm elections!  I am spreading the word!" Susan Fish, New York, NY


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