Carolyn Bourdeaux


Georgia 07

2020 margin: 2.8%

Biden\Trump margin: 6.3%

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"As the only Democrat to flip a Republican-held seat in 2020, there's a target on my back for 2022. Georgia Republicans are already working hard to curtail early voting and end no-excuse absentee voting because they know the truth: when more people vote, we win. That's especially true in my District, one of the most diverse in the country.


In 2018, I came 433 votes short of flipping this seat. Over the next two years, we went to every community in my District and we empowered people who had never voted before — and that made all the difference in electing me, flipping the Senate, and winning the White House. Thanks to the voters of Georgia's 7th, we've been able to pass sweeping voting reform in the House (the For The People Act) and get Americans desperately needed COVID relief (the American Rescue Plan). 


Republicans want this seat back and they're going to spend every dollar from their super PACs in their fight for it. Your support now will give us the upper hand and allow us to start mobilizing, educating, and protecting voters now in the leadup to what will surely be a historic election year in Georgia."


Bourdeaux has a long career in all levels of government, public service, and higher education. She graduated from Yale with a B.A. in History and Economics earned a Master’s in Public Administration from the University of California, and a Doctorate in Public Administration from Syracuse University. She served as an aide to Ron Wyden of Oregon during both his House and Senate terms. Her portfolio included health care, education, social issues and transportation. Bourdeaux was professor at Georgia’s Andrew Young School of Policy Studies and directed the state’s Senate Budget and Evaluation Office during the last recession.


“I’ve never been content to sit behind a desk. In this unsettled and difficult time, my campaign for Congress was a continuation of my commitment to finding ways to help my neighbors and my community through public service.”

On March 30, President Biden signed H.R. 1799, the PPP Extension Act of 2021, which Bourdeaux sponsored, making her the first new member of the 117th Congress to pass a bill into law. (

One of Bourdeux’s first acts as Rep. was to assemble a working task force of medical, governmental, business, and educational representatives to address her district’s response to COVID-19. (

Health care policy is personal to Carolyn. For ten years, her father suffered from a debilitating, prolonged illness and her mother cared for him. Her parents drained their bank accounts paying for her father’s medications. Now every day, she hears from Georgia families struggling with the rising costs of prescription drugs, insurance, and medical care.
This is a crisis. (


0% rating from the NRA; Endorsed by Every Town for Gun Safety

Endorsed by the Planned Parenthood Action Fund 

Endorsed by the Congressional Black Caucus PAC 

Endorsed by the Asian-American Advocacy Fund 

Endorsed by 20/20 Vision 


Endorsed by Center for Biological Diversity Action Fund


Bourdeux’s Georgia 07 district includes Gwinnett County, which was targeted by Republicans for repeated vote recounts and challenges after the 2020 election.

After unexpectedly losing both Senate seats to Democrats, Georgia’s heavily Republican legislature has passed bills which target Democratic districts and communities of color with punitive voting restrictions.

Her 2018 House race was too close to call on Election Night, and she conceded after a judge denied an emergency motion to force Gwinnett County to count previously rejected absentee ballots and lost in a recount.

Rep. Carolyn Bourdeaux was the only Democratic congressional candidate to flip a red district blue in 2020, inspiring record-breaking voter turnout after coming just 433 votes of unseating a 4-term incumbent in 2018. (