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Elissa Slotkin
Michigan 07


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“After three years of representing the area of Mid-Michigan in Congress, I understand the mandate that families here expect me to prioritize: making life more affordable in lowering the costs of prescription drugs and child care; rebuilding Michigan’s manufacturing capacity by creating good paying American jobs that cannot be outsourced and not letting China eat our lunch…”

“It’s hard to believe that it’s been a year since a day that so deeply seared into our collective memory. One year ago today, a violent mob laid siege to the very symbol of American Democracy.”  (1/6/22)



A graduate of Cornell University (BA) and Columbia University (MA). She entered Congress in 2019 with 14 years of experience as a CIA Officer – serving  in Iraq – and a high ranking official at the Pentagon. She served as a member of President George W. Bush’s national security staff and as Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs in the Administration of President Barack Obama from 2014 to 2017. Elissa Slotkin was elected to Michigan 08 in 2018 assuming office in 2019. She was re-elected in 2020 with her current term ending in Jan 2023.

Rep. Slotkin currently represents Michigan’s 8th District. As a result of redistricting, she will run in the 7th District in November 2022. 

Elissa Slotkin lives on her family farm in Holly. Michigan with her husband Dave, a retired Army officer and Apache pilot.



The Detroit News has observed that the newly redistricted Michigan 07 “is shaping up to be Michigan’s most competitive U.S. House District.” The likely Republican component, who will run in the Republican Primary of 8/22/22, is Michigan State Senator Tom Barrett. Barrett has previously served in the Michigan House of Representatives. He has been a vocal critic of Governor Gretchen Whitman’s handling of the COVIS-19 pandemic and sponsored a bill to regulate the governor’s emergency powers which she used to  address the pandemic.


The national Republican National Campaign Committee has targeted three Michigan Democrats in the 2022 Midterms: Rep. Slotkin as well as Rep. Haley Stevens and Rep. Dan Kildee.

As Rep. Slotkin has noted, “the new district combines nearly two-thirds of the population that currently represents, my current campaign headquarters, and my campaign offices for 2018 and 2020.” In 2020, Rep. Slotkin captured 50.9% of the vote in winning re-election to the Michigan 08 seat.



“Preserving and protecting …democracy is our mission and our responsibility. Each and every one of us. Elected official or private citizen. Today, and every day.” (1/6/22)


“Our national defense should always be a bipartisan priority, and as a former Pentagon official, I firmly believe Congress has a solemn responsibility to pass a budget that values our men & women in uniform and ensures we can maintain our edge over competitors like China & Russia.” (12/27/21)


“I’m introducing the Safe Guns, Safe Kids Act to require gun owners to safely store firearms when children live with them, and hold them accountable with up to five years in prison if a child uses their gun to hurt others or commit a crime. “ (12/15/21)


“The bipartisan infrastructure deal is going to be transformative fore Michigan- for the places we live, the businesses that serve as the backbone of these communities, and for the workers who keep it all running.” (11/22/21)



• Committee on Veterans’ Affairs

• Disability Assistance and Memorial Affairs

• Homeland Security

• Cybersecurity, Infrastructure Protection, and Innovation

• Intelligence and Counterterrorism (Chair)

• House Committee on Armed Services Readiness

• Cyber, Innovative Technologies and Information Systems

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