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“I know November 2024 seems far away, but early resources are critical to building a team strong enough to win. “  (Twitter, 3/15/23)


“I voted against bailing out Wall Street banks in 2008 and oppose any taxpayer bailouts for Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank now. We should be focusing on lowering costs for working people, not helping bank executives. I am in close contact with Treasury officials and will take on anyone in Washington to ensure that the executives at these banks and regulators are held accountable.” (Quoted in Billings Gazette, 3/14/23)

“First, we capped insulin costs for seniors as GOP politicians blocked a universal cap. Then, Eli Lilly announced insulin price cuts. Now, Novo Nordisk is following suit. Our pressure is working. I'll keep fighting until insulin is affordable for everyone.” (Twitter, 3/14/23)

“Two years ago today, we got the American Rescue Plan signed into law and put Montana's economy back on track. I was proud to stand alongside Montanans to keep our schools open and small businesses afloat, and I'll keep working with folks on the ground to lower costs.” (Twitter, 3/11/23)

“A year ago, Putin single-handedly launched an unprovoked war and made the world less safe. America needs to stand strongly with the people of Ukraine and with every freedom-loving democracy in condemning Russia’s aggression. Freedom will prevail. (Twitter 2/23/23)


Sen. Tester is a third-generation Montana dirt farmer who brings his Montana values to the U.S. Senate. Born in Havre, Montana, in 1956, he grew up on land in Chouteau County that his grandparents homesteaded in 1912. He enjoyed  a childhood steeped in family agriculture that Tester says gave him the values that have defined his career.

After earning a music degree, Sen. Tester taught elementary school music in Big Sandy. He married his high school sweetheart Sharla . Around the time Jon and Sharla's daughter Christine was born, the Testers moved back to his grandparents' farm and butcher shop. Their son Shon was born a few years later. Jon and Sharla continue to work the land in Big Sandy. When the Testers' neighbor retired from the Montana Senate, Jon, not happy with huge rate hikes following the disastrous deregulation of Montana's energy industry, ran for the seat — and won. And in 2005, fed up with what he saw as rampant corruption and irresponsible decision-making in Washington, he ran successfully for the U.S. Senate.

In the Senate, Sen. Tester led passage of sweeping ethics reform, then went beyond those rules and banned all gifts, meals, and travel from lobbyists for himself and his staff. He barred any staffers who become lobbyists from lobbying him or being rehired. Tester’s record on transparency has earned him the title "Montana's advocate for accountability." He has been awarded the prestigious James Madison Award for greater transparency in government and public access to government information.

Tester relentlessly travels around his large state and is the only member of the Montana delegation to host regular in-person town hall meetings. He has held Farm Bill and Veterans listening sessions in Montana, bringing cabinet members from three administrations to the state.



Sen. Tester is a strong defender of Medicare and Social Security; a supporter of quality public education and access to affordable health care; and a powerful advocate for rural America and Montana's unique way of life.

Important issues include:

  • accountability and transparency

  • agriculture

  • campaign finance and election security

  • civil liberties

  • economy and jobs

  • education

  • health care

  • energy

  • infrastructure and technology

  • law enforcement and public safety

  • Indian affairs

  • national security

  • military, veterans affairs

  • women

  • seniors

  • public  lands.


Currently, Jon Tester is the only Democrat to hold statewide office in Montana. Montana's Governor, Attorney General, other Senator + two House Members - are all Republican + Republicans hold a supermajority in both chambers of the state legislature. Republicans have held both chambers of the state legislature for over a decade. In the 2020 + 2016 Presidential Elections, the Republican candidate won Montana by 16.4% + 20.4%, respectively. Jon Tester has never lost a race + has never won by more than 4%. Thomas Madigan has announced he will run in Montana's 2024 U.S. Senate Republican primary while current House Members Matt Rosendale + Ryan Zinke + State Attorney General Austin Knudsen are also seen as potential Republican candidates. Sen. Tester’s 2024 race is expected to be one of the most competitive in the country + is one of a small handful of races likely to determine the Senate majority. 



The Senate Appropriations Committee


  • Defense (Chairman)

  • Homeland Security

  • Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies

  • Military Construction, Veterans Affairs, and Related Agencies

  • Agriculture, Rural Development, Food and Drug Administration, and Related Agencies

  • Energy and Water Development

Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Committee


  • Housing, Transportation, and Community Development

  • National Security and International Trade and Finance

  • Securities, Insurance, and Investment

Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee


  • Aviation Operations, Safety, and Security

  • Communications, Media, and Broadband

Indian Affairs Committee

Veterans' Affairs Committee (Chairman)

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