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Matt Cartwright
Pennsylvania 08

2022 margin: 2.40%

in a Trump +3 district


“I am humbled and honored to have been selected to the Democratic Steering and Policy committee, where I will continue to bring my perspective to the senior leadership team in the U.S. House of Representatives. I look forward to working closely with my Democratic colleagues, our party’s new leaders, while reaching across the aisle to shape a national agenda that strengthens America’s middle class, protects seniors, and supports our nation’s veterans and military families.”

(Facebook, 11/6/22)



Cartwright has served in Congress since 2013. He represented PA 17 from 2013-2019 + PA 08 from 2019 to the present. He entered Congress self-described as an “FDR Democrat”+ “from the Democratic wing of the Democratic party.”


An experienced lawyer, Cartwright received his BA from Hamilton College, Magna Cum Laude + his law degree from the University of Pennsylvania where he served two years as editor of the Law Review. He attended the London School of Economics + is co-author of Litigating Business + Commercial Tort Cases, 2011 to the present. Cartwright has volunteered with a number of organizations including Boy Scouts of America, Hope Center Legal Clinic + Victim’s Compensation Fund.


Rep. Cartwright won in 2020 with 51.8% of the vote with a 3.6% margin of victory. Pennsylvania 08 was carried by Trump in 2020. Cartwright was one of only five incumbent Democrats to win in a district carried by Trump in ’20.


Matt Cartwright has spent his entire career defending working people, first as a trial attorney + now as Congressperson in Pennsylvania’s Eighth District. He is a fighter for all northeastern Pennsylvanians, especially in protecting + expanding access to health care and growing the local economy.

Committed to protecting + expanding access to quality, affordable health care for all northeastern Pennsylvanians

Puts the people of northeastern Pennsylvania first — not big corporate interests

Committed to bringing down prices to ease the burden on working families

Ensures maintaining the strongest armed forces in the world + that service members get the rewards + benefits they deserve

Focused on strengthening + growing the local economy

Fights to tackle the climate crisis with the urgency it demands

Continues to fight for police to give them the tools + resources they need to protect communities

Sees education as the key to  bright futures for children + for the economy

Fights to end the opioid crisis in northeastern Pennsylvania.

                                                                                                                          POLITICS IN PENNSYLVANIA DISTRICT 08

Pennsylvania has increasingly become a presidential battleground state + promises to be so in 2024. Democrats have done well in the state recently, winning a second Senate seat + flipping the lower legislative chamber.


Pennsylvania’s 8th Congressional District is comprised of parts of five counties. It is a mix of rural + urban communities with Scranton + Wilkes- Barre being the major urban centers. It is predominantly white + middle class: 79.5% White, 12.4% Hispanic, 6 % Black, 2 % Asian +.1% Native American. Democrats in the district are populist leaning.



Appropriations Committee (Ranking Member on Commerce, Justice Science Subcommittee)

Democratic Committee on Steering + Policy

Progressive Caucus

Military Depot + Industrial Facilities Caucus

Sustainable Energy + Environment Coalition Caucus (Vice Chair)

Veterinary Medicine Caucus

Climate Solutions Caucus

Blue Collar Caucus

International Conservation Caucus

Pro-Choice Caucus​

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