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Sharice Davids
Kansas 03


Cook: Toss up
Sabato: Toss up

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“At a time of global uncertainty, I hope we can come together as a nation to recognize the progress we’ve made over the last year- and that we can come together in Congress to pass bipartisan policies that address inflation, fix our supply chains, and lower cost of everyday expenses from prescription drugs to gas and groceries.

“I appreciated the President’s attention to those issues tonight, and I will hold him accountable to his words. We need clear and consistent leadership to tackle the concerns that I am hearing from Kansans and build on bipartisan successes like the infrastructure law and our work to bring down health care costs. I stand ready to work with anyone who shares that goal.”

(Response to President’s State of the Union Address, 3/1/22)


Rep. Davids has served in Congress since her election in 2018. She has the distinction of being the only Democrat in the Kansas congressional delegation and the only Native American in the House. An attorney and former martial arts artist, Rep. Davids has been a staunch supporter of President Biden’s policies.  Among her committee assignments she is Chair of the Subcommittee on Economic Growth, Tax and Capital Access of the Small Business Committee. Davids is a nationally recognized expert on economic and community development in Native communities.


Rep. Davids’ formidable opponent in November’s race is Amanda Adkins, Chair of the Kansas Republican Party from 2009-2013. The race is currently rated Toss up by Cook, Sabato and Inside Elections.

The 3rd District encompasses the Kansa City metro area. Rep. Davids was relected in 2020 with 53.6% of the vote. She initially won the seat in 2018 by defeating a four-term GOP incumbent.



Voting Record: 100% Rating from NARAL Pro Choice America and Planned Parenthood Action Fund, Animal Wellness ACTION, Defenders of Wildlife Action, Humane Society; National Electrical Contractors Association, Plastics Industry Association; ACLU, NEA, AFL-CIO, NAACP, Federally Employed Women, National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare, Clean Water Action, National Parks Conservation Association


“I know folks are concerned about rising prices on everyday items like gas and groceries…Record profits for oil and gas companies and gas prices are up more than a dollar. It doesn’t add up.”  Twitter 2/15/22


“I was moved by President Zelenskyy’s leadership as he addressed Congress from Kyiv, where he strands alongside his people. We must continue to stand with the Ukrainian people as well-not only through our words but through our actions, with humanitarian and military aid.”    Facebook 3/16/22


“A year ago, millions had lost their jobs, the vaccine wasn’t widely available, and our schools and businesses were struggling to stay open. The American Rescue Plan delivered strong, targeted, and effective relief to hardworking Kansans.”  Facebook 3/11/22



Committee on Small Business

• Subcommittee on Oversight,
   Investigations and Regulations

• Subcommittee on Economic
   Growth, Tax and Capital Access

• Subcommittee on Innovation,
   Entrepreneurship, and
   Workforce Development


Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure (Vice- Chair)

• Subcommittee on Aviation

• Subcommittee on Highways and

• Subcommittee on Economic
   Development, Public Buildings
   and Emergency Management

• Joint Economic Committee

•  LGBT Equality Caucus (Co-chair)

•  Native American Caucus (Vice

• New Democrat Coalition

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