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Steven Horsford


Nevada 04


2020 margin: 4.9%

Biden\Trump margin: 3.9%

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"I represent Nevada's 4th Congressional District — a volatile district that has swung back and forth between parties multiple times. In previous cycles, millions of dollars of outside spending by Super PACs have been spent to flip Nevada's 4th. Next year is also the mid-term election and has all of our statewide officers on the ballot. I fully expect this to be a very competitive election and am anticipating a spike in Republican turnout as a response to COVID-19 shutdown orders. 


Your early support is critical to our ability to plan ahead and build the infrastructure necessary to keep my district blue. I strongly believe in year-round organizing and already have a field organizer on the ground to keep voters engaged and ready for what lies ahead. My district includes over 52,000 square miles of territory and has many rural voters who feel like their voices have been unheard. I’m committed to engaging with voters all across the district, but I need your help and can’t thank you enough for your support."

Steven Horsford was born and raised in Las Vegas and has dedicated his life to advocating for his community. After becoming the first in his family to attend college, he helped lead the state’s largest career training program at Nevada’s Culinary Academy, where he helped train and place thousands of Nevadans in well-paying jobs in the hospitality industry. 


After overseeing the Culinary Academy, he won a seat in the Nevada senate and quickly became Senate Majority Leader. While in the Senate, he spearheaded efforts to work across party lines to solve the state’s worst budget crisis. 

In 2012, Horsford won the newly created 4th Congressional District and became the first African American to represent Nevada in Congress. While in Congress, he has been committed to listening to his constituents and advocating for the issues that matter to them the most.



“I understand that the fundamentals of good governing start with economic opportunity for all.”  “Our small businesses are a critical part of our economy and it is more important than ever to provide relief to these businesses for COVID-19.”


Advocacy in Congress for economic initiatives such as small business loan programs


Co-sponsor National Apprenticeship Act


Co-sponsor Protecting the Right to Organize

 • Horsford "sees healthcare as a right, not a privilege." 

 • “I have fought every attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act…. I have protected Medicaid expansion at every opportunity…because I believe we must be helping our most vulnerable populations to gain access to important services.”

Co-sponsor: Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act


Co-sponsor: Condemning unwanted, unnecessary medical procedures on individuals without their full, informed consent


Co-sponsor: Lower Drug Costs Now Act

 • “We need a comprehensive approach to gun safety legislation. I know first-hand the toll that gun violence can take on our families and community, since when I was 19 years old my own family was affected by gun violence.”


Co-sponsor: Enhanced Background Checks Act


Co-sponsor: George Floyd Justice in Policing Act

Horsford supports a gun control package that would include background checks, banning assault weapons, bump stocks and private sales and closing the gun show loophole. He supports increasing mental health funding and programs to address bullying in schools.

Horsford supports a gun control package that would include background checks, a ban on assault weapon and bump stocks, banning private sales and closing the gun show loophole, an increase in mental-health funding and programs to address bullying in schools.


Nevada’s 4th district is large, largely rural, but 80% of its population lives in the northern portion of Las Vegas. It leans Democratic in presidential elections, swings back and forth in Congressional elections. Horsford won in 2012, lost in 2014 and 2016, won again in 2018 by 8%, and then, somewhat less securely, by nearly 5% in 2020.



House Ways & Means Committee 

 • Co-leads the House Ways and Means Committee Racial Equity Initiative


 • Health

 • Oversight

 • Social Security  

House Budget Committees:

 • Labor Caucus (Co-chair)

 • Problem Solvers Caucus

 • Congressional Black Caucus (First Vice Chair)

 • New Democrats Coalition

 • Gun Violence Prevention Task Force

 • Black Maternal Health Caucus

 • Congressional Progressive Caucus 

 • Pro-Choice Caucus

 • LGBTQ+ Equality Caucus

 • Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus

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