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"Extremists in Washington are out of step with hardworking families here in New Jersey.  Instead of fighting corruption, they're threatening our democracy and peddling conspiracy theories. Instead of protecting our hard-earned freedoms. they're  decimating reproductive rights. ..they're wasting time, leading the least productive Congress in history...’

“I have a track record of speaking truth to power. We need honest, fearless representation and a new generation of visionary and pragmatic leadership -and that's why I'm running for Congress." (Altman’s website)

“With the energy of someone perpetually in a rush and the height of a former college basketball player, Altman has a kind of natural, effervescent charisma.” New Jersey’s Activist-in-Chief Wants to Flip a Swing Seat, by Daniel Marans, HuffPost

“She is just more than anyone I’ve seen in my lifetime, running for office as a reflection of her integrity, her authenticity, her honesty, and the degree to which she genuinely cares. “ Lisa Grattan, retired attorney quoted in New Jersey’s Activist-in-Chief Wants to Flip a Swing Seat, by Daniel Marans, HuffPost; April 28, 2024. 


Sue Altman has been fighting for a better New Jersey her whole life + is now ready to take that fight to Washington. During her time as a teacher, Altman became deeply involved in the fight for New Jersey’s schools + students, standing up to then-Governor Chris Christie to protect teachers + fight against cuts to public schools.

For the past several years, Sue Altman has served as Executive Director of the New Jersey Working Families Alliance, a non-profit focused primarily on combating political corruption in Trenton.

Altman grew up in Clinton, NJ where she attended public schools + led her Voorhees High School basketball team to local championships. She played basketball at Columbia + professionally abroad. Altman earned two graduate degrees from Oxford University in International Policy and Business + went on to become a teacher + basketball coach. Today Altman lives in Lambertville in Hunterdon County.


From attacks on our fundamental rights to rising costs + unfair tax burdens, Altman is committed to bringing common-sense solutions to the communities that raised her. She has dedicated her career to rooting out political corruption in New Jersey to protect New Jersey taxpayers Altman has a long record of working hard for everyday people + will fight in Congress to spur competition in our economy, restore the SALT deduction so New Jerseyans are not double-taxed, fight for a livable wage for all workers + ensure that homes are bought by humans, not corporations.

Altman will work to protect access to contraception, reproductive choice + women’s health care. As an advocate, she worked with grassroots groups to protect these rights in New Jersey. 


Altman will address the environmental crises at multiple levels + will work with communities to ensure they have the resources to address immediate threats to the towns. 


Altman supports the right of workers to organize + the PRO Act. She also recognizes that the exportation of well-paying jobs to low wage countries harms working families here + benefits almost no one other than multinational corporations. Altman understands that if we are going to support working families, we need to bring manufacturing, unions, fair wages + job security back to New Jersey.


Altman supports common-sense gun reforms + she’ll work to give law enforcement the tools they need to get weapons of war out of our communities. She will work to ensure those responsible for crimes of hate are held accountable, investments are made into upstream causes of crime + local police are fully funded to keep communities safe. She’ll work to make sure white collar + political corruption crimes are investigated by law enforcement + that those professionals have the funds they need to hold the powerful accountable.


Altman will advocate for legislation at the federal level to make voting accessible to all who are eligible. 


She will always protect Medicare and Social Security + will fight attempts
to make seniors foot the bill for tax cuts for megacorporations + the


As a former educator, the fight for our schools is personal for Altman + that’s why she’s committed to fighting against book banning for investing in our public schools. She works to ensure that every child in America gets the high-quality education that they deserve.



New Jersey's 7th congressional district includes all of Hunterdon  +  Warren Counties; + parts of Morris, Somerset, Sussex, + Union Counties. The district is represented by Republican Thomas Kean Jr., who defeated  Democratic incumbent Tom Malinowski by 2.8% in 2022.

The district has become more ethnically diverse over time + is one of the most affluent Congressional districts in the US with the fifth-highest median income in the nation. The New Jersey Congressional Redistricting Commission altered the boundaries of the district effective January 6, 2022. Although it remains competitive, the district is more Republican than it had been. NJ 07 was one of 18 districts that would have voted for Joe Biden by an 8% margin in the 2020 presidential election had the district existed in its 2022 configuration.


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