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“My parents immigrated to Colorado from Mexico, and raised me and my siblings to work hard and to finish what we started…I’m committed to the families I see every day as a pediatrician — families who work hard and are struggling to make ends meet.” (, 2/17/22)

“When I decided to run, I actually didn’t realize that there had never been a Latina who represented the state. It was sad when I realized that it was 2022, and we had never had that voice, especially in a state with a substantial and growing Latino population….people who look like me, who have the background I have with immigrant parents, have a better voice in Congress than they’ve ever had before. I can bring their experiences with me and speak on their behalf.” (5280 Denver’s Mile High Magazine, 1/17/23)


Dr. Yadira Caraveo earned her B.S. in biology from Regis University and an M.D. from the University of Colorado. She has worked as a pediatrician in New Mexico and Colorado. Caraveo served as assistant secretary of the Adams County Democratic Party, as a member of the Anythink Library System Board of Trustees, and a board member for the Early Childhood Partnership of Adams County and the Colorado Behavioral Health Transformation Council.

Caraveo was first elected to the Colorado House in 2018 and re-elected in 2020.   She has a reputation for taking on tough fights and getting things done. Caraveo has worked to pass legislation to lower the cost of prescription drugs, limit toxic pollution, expand funding for preschool, ensure all Coloradans have access to paid family and sick leave, and protect renters from eviction during the pandemic. President Obama named Dr. Caraveo a Champion of Change for her work with the ​​Union of Concerned Scientists in fighting climate change. 

In ’22, Caraveo defeated Barb Kirkmeyer by a slim margin of .69%. This was an especially tough race since a Libertarian Party candidate also ran and gained 3.9% of the vote. In her victory, Caraveo became the first Latino to represent Colorado in Congress. She continues to work for families and fights to elevate long-ignored voices in Washington.


Looking at Washington, Caraveo feels the same sense of frustration — of all talk and little action — that drove her to run for state office and serve in Congress.

  • works to lower health care costs.

  • addresses the high cost of housing.

  • works to combat climate change.

  • protects a woman’s right to choose.

  • works to stop Republicans from taking away Americans’ right to vote.

  • fights to lower drug + insurance costs and to expand access to quality care.

  • fights to amplify the voices of Coloradans long-ignored in Washington, particularly those of Brown, Black and Indigenous communities.



Once considered a definitive Republican state, Colorado has been trending Democratic in the beginning of the 21st century because of changing demographics and the rising number of unaffiliated voters leaning Democratic. Colorado has had a Democratic governor for 24 of the past 32 years. Both incumbent Governor Jared Polis, elected in 2018, and his predecessor, now Senator John Hickenlooper, are both Democrats. Of Colorado's eight members of the House, five are Democrats and three are Republicans. The Senators are Michael Bennett  (D) and former Governor John Hickenlooper (D). Democrats currently enjoy comfortable majorities in both houses of the State General Assembly.

CO-08 is a new district drawn after the 2020 Census. It is a Biden +5 district. It has the highest percentage of Latino voters of any district in Colorado. Forty-four percent of registered voters in the district identify as unaffiliated or independent.

The newly formed 8th district will continue to be  one of the most contested in the country. It runs from the north side of the Denver metro area into northern Colorado and includes areas in Adams, Larimer, and Weld counties.



  • Agriculture Committee

  • Science and Technology Committee

  • New Democrat Coalition Caucus


As she prepares for the 2024 election cycle against a yet-to-be named opponent, Rep. Caraveo had $17,542 cash on hand as of 12/31/22.

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