Our strategy has been to help people with “middle dollar” resources
make political donations that have impact.


We encourage people to develop the habit of giving early and strategically. Creating political change requires a predictable flow of resources to both candidates and groups. Much political giving is concentrated in the final month of an election year when it is less useful. One of our advisors, a former Congressman, estimated that donations received early in the cycle are four times more valuable than those received in that final month.

We identify and solicit support for candidates in races that will affect the balance of power in Washington. Retaining a Democratic governing majority in the House and Senate is critical to filling government’s role in protecting and enhancing the lives of everyone who lives here, especially the most vulnerable.

To choose candidates, we study:

the demographics + voting history of districts and states
the financial positions of candidates + their opponents
the fit of the candidate with the district in which he or she is running.


Our primary criteria have been
the strategic importance of the race
+ the viability of the candidate
rather than issues-based litmus tests.

Our approach to picking voter empowerment groups is based on our analysis of the political landscape and the barriers to full voter participation. Through our own research and in consultation with the Movement Voter Project we have chosen groups that are most effective in addressing issues in key regions of the country.