Let's ensure all Americans CAN + DO vote!

Voter Suppression + Gerrymandering are threats to our democracy.

To win in 2022 we must fight for voting rights + fair maps

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Fight Voter Suppression!

Protect the Right to Vote!

There is an unprecedented assault on voting rights in the wake of the 2020 elections. Over 250 bills have been filed in 43 states restricting the right to vote. These bills target mail in voting and early voting and erect new barriers such as voter IDs.

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee’s Legal Fund is on the front lines of the battles to challenge these bills and protect our right to vote. Their geographic focus is on states with key Senate races.


Fight Gerrymandering!

Create Fair Maps!

In 2021, every state in the country will redraw their electoral maps for congressional and state legislative districts. Republicans have made it clear that they will attempt to manipulate the maps again to unfairly lock themselves into power for another decade, jeopardizing the House majority and the Biden administration’s agenda. 


The National Redistricting Action Fund is the 501(c)(4) affiliate of the National Democratic Redistricting Committee, which is chaired by Eric H. Holder, Jr., the 82nd Attorney General of the United States. The NRAF’s mission is to raise awareness about the harmful impact gerrymandering has on state and federal policymaking; create and encourage participation in activities that defend democratic ideals; and increase grassroots engagement in every step of the redistricting process.

The National Redistricting Action Fund has been preparing for this fight against gerrymandering for four years and has a state-by-state plan to achieve fair maps. They need our help to execute their plan and protect our democracy.

At Force Multiplier,
supporting voter empowerment groups
is in our DNA.

We're working on developing a comprehensive plan
to support efforts that assure that all Americans



 This is what Voter Suppression Looks Like

In dozens of states, GOP-controlled lawmakers have passed a cut-and-paste menu of voting laws that selectively disadvantage the working poor, minorities, naturalized citizens, and young people. These include:


Enacting strict photo ID laws that exclude common forms of ID and add time and expense to the voting process


Placing burdensome requirements on voter registration drives


Eliminating same-day voter registration


Eliminating pre-registration programs for high school students 16 and over


Invalidating voter registration forms due to trivial clerical errors


Automatically purging eligible voters from the rolls


Making cuts to voting hours during evenings and weekends, thus creating long lines at the polls


Eliminating out-of-precinct voting


Closing or moving polling places that serve minority communities and students


Attempting to block vote recounts in very tight races