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The groups we are supporting through the Movement Voter Fund are busy reaching out within their communities.
Tomorrow We Vote  
Tomorrow We Vote  (501c3)  is a Phoenix, Arizona-based nonpartisan nonprofit focused on registering  students in high schools using a specialized curriculum developed to allow voting-aged youth to understand their political power.  
Poder in Action  
An organization that seeks to determine a  liberated future for people of color in Arizona. It is   organizing neighbors, classmates, and building canvass capacit in preparation for early voting   beginning October 11th focusing on   youth, first-time voters, and communities of color in West   Phoenix. They have knocked on 15,200 doors and plan to reach 30,000 more through a hybrid strategy of direct action and culture/art to energize voters in Maryvale precincts. More financial support is needed for paid canvass, technology expansion, and direct action supplies.  
Foundation for Arizona's Students  
A   student-led,   non-partisan   organization   created   to   represent   the   collective  interest   of   the 140,000+   university   students   and  400,000+   community   college   students  i n   Arizona.   They   advocate   at   the  local,   state,   and   national  levels   for   affordable   and  accessible   higher   education.   Their   organization  i s   built   around   three   pillars   –   advocacy,   organizing,   and  
leadership  development.  
One Arizona  
One   Arizona   was   formed   as   a   direct   response   to   the   growing   disenfranchisement   of   voters   and   the attack   on   the   Latino  community  i n   the   form   of   SB1070.   The   table   members   represent   a   broad   tapestry   of   501c3s   focused   on   voter   registration,  voter   engagement,   voter   mobilization,   election   protection,   and  issue   advocacy.   They   work   collaboratively   on   civic  engagement   efforts  i n   statewide   and   municipal   election   cycles,   which  i ncreases   the   effectiveness,   coordination,   and  evaluation   of   those   effrts.  ef
Arizona Center for Empowerment   
ACE  i s   a   Center   for   Popular   Democracy  affiliate   based  i n   the   Phoenix   area,   started   to challenge   anti-immigrant   policies.  They   have   Latino   and  immigrant   members,   and   provide   empowerment   services along   with  leadership   development, organizing,   and   civic   engagement at   scale.  
Arizona Coalition for Change   
Arizona   Coalition   for   Change  ( C4C)  i s   a   member-led   organization   based  i n   Phoenix   and Tucson   committed   to   advocating   for  lasting   progressive   public   policies   that   empower   and equip   our   most   vulnerable   communities.   They   focus   on   building   civic  and   political   power i n   black   and   brown   communities   through   voter   mobilization   &   turnout,   grassroots   organizing,  leadership  development   training,   voter   registration.   By   putting   people   first,   they   develop   and  lift   up   the   voices   of   the   New   American  Majority   to   take   on   the   nations’   most   pressing  issues.  
Florida Immigrant Coalition  
Florida’s   strongest  immigrant   rights   organization   and   one   of   the   anchor  immigrant-rights   groups   nationally.   FLIC  is   fighting  deportations,   educating  immigrants   on   rights,   advocating for   Sanctuary   cities,   and   a   strong   civic   engagement   program.  
Dream Defenders  
Dream   Defenders  is   a   human   rights   organization   founded  in   the   wake   of   the   murder   of Trayvon   Martin.  It   aims   to   end   police  and   state   brutality   towards   people   of   color,   stop the   school-to-prison   pipeline,   and   shift   culture   through   transformational  organizing.   They   have   courageously   exposed   the  impacts   of   The   Geo   Group,   a   corporation   that   runs   for-profit  prisons.   They  have   made   private   prison   money   a   major   campaign  issue   and   run   major   voter   engagement   programs   around   voting   rights.  
Faith in Florida   
A   multicultural   network   of   congregations   across   Florida   tackling   systemic   racial   and   economic  injustice.   Affiliated   with   the  PICO   National   Network,   FIF   won   a  ‘ Ban   the   Box’   measure  in   Broward   County   and   worked   on   restoring   voting   rights   to   1.5  million   people disenfranchised   by   felony   convictions.   They   are   active  i n  immigrant   defense,   know   your   rights   and   Sanctuary  city   work.   
Organize Florida   
Organize   Florida  i s   a   strong   organization   and   affiliate   of   the   Center   for   Popular   Democracy,   based  i n   Orlando   and   Tampa.  They   combine   grassroots   base-building   with   election   work   to   advance   racial,   economic,   climate   and   reproductive  justice.
New Florida Majority Education Fund  
An   energized   multiracial   organization   with   a   statewide   presence,   working   to   assure   a   progressive   shift  in   Florida   over  issues  on   racial  justice,   climate,   and   gender  justice.  They   are  increasing   the   voting   power   of   Florida’s  l ow-income   black,  African-Carribean,   Latino,   and   LGBTQ   community   by   training   citizens   and   mobilizing   voters.   Served   as   hub   of   the Second  Chances   voter   restoration   campaign,   have   registered   31,000   new   voters   and   won   a   key  lawsuit   that   enabled   108,000   voters  to   register.  
482 Forward   
A   citywide   education   organizing   network  in   Detroit   made   up   of   neighborhood   organizations,   parents,   and   youth   building  power   to   win   educational  justice   for   all   Detroit children.   Due   to   their   energized   organizing   efforts,   they’ve   succeeded  in  lowering  chronic   absenteeism  in   Brightmoor   and   Southwest   Detroit   and   stopped   unjust   school   closures.   They   are  embarking   on   GOTV   efforts,   water   access   education,   and   equitable   school   funding   campaigns.  
Action of Greater Lansing   
A   coalition   of   16   congregations   that   work   on   1   to   3   key  issues   every   year.  Their Integrated   Voter   Engagement   Taskforce works   on   voter   registration   and   ensuring   that   voters   get   to   the   polls.   Action  is   an   affiliate   of   Gamaliel   of   Michigan   and   the  Gamaliel Network.  
Black Lives Matter Lansing  
An   organization   that   runs   an   ongoing   series   of   trainings   for   allies   and   has   trained   1500 people,   working   on   developing   a  racial   equity   tool.   They   engage   with   mothers   whose   sons   have   been   killed   to   help   them   get   their   chapter   online   by  November.   Their   key issues   are   education,   economic  justice,   and   climate.   

Detroit Action  
A   grassroots   membership-based   organization   that  fights   for   economic   and   social  justice   for  low-income   workers  in   Detroit  through  issue   campaigns   and   voter   engagement.   They   are  affiliates   of   the   Center   for   Popular   Democracy.  
Detroit Hispanic Development Corporation  
Organization  i n   Detroit   focused   on   providing   key   programs   to   the   Latino   community.   Among  its   efforts  includes   advocacy,  leadership   development,   and   facilitating   experiences   for   people   to   become   part   of   the   civic   process.   
Economic Justice Alliance of Michigan  
A   collaboration   of   4   community   organizations  ( MOSES,   ROC-MI,   Mothering   Justice,   and   Building   Movement   Project-   Detroit  People’s   Platform)  i s   building   major   power  in  low- income   and   working   class   communities   statewide.   They  led   the  successful   effort   to   raise   the   state’s   minimum   wage   and   worked   on   an   attempt   to   get   paid   sick  leave   on   the   ballot.   Their  Center   for   Progressive   Leadership   runs   training   programs   for   Local   Candidates   &   Campaign   Managers.  
Emgage Foundation, Inc.  
Emgage   seeks   to   educate,   engage   and   empower   Muslim   American   communities   through   educational   events,   voter  initiatives,   and  leadership   development   for   the   purpose   of   creating   a   community   of   equitable,   knowledgeable,   and  motivated   citizens.  
Equality Michigan Education Fund   
Advocating   for   LGBTQ  inclusion   and   protections   statewide.  
Michigan Faith in Action  
A   diverse   and  interdenominational   grassroots   organizing  initiative   building   a   faith-based   movement   across   the   state.   They  address   root   causes   and   results   of   poverty,   violence,   and   division   through   training   faith   and   community  leaders,   mobilizing  youth   around   civic   engagement,   hosting   Mayoral   debates  in   Flint,   and   participating  in   the   Live   Free   Campaign   to   dismantle  mass   criminalization   of   people   of   color.   A   proud   PICO   national   network   affiliate.  
Michigan Liberation Education Fund     
A   statewide   organization   dedicated   to   the  leadership   development   of   community   members   and   the   creation   of   effective  campaigns   to   advance   racial,   gender,   economic   and   criminal  justice   reform   statewide.   
Michigan Muslim Community Council     
The   Michigan   Muslim   Community   Council   promotes   unity   and   cooperation   among   the   diverse   Muslim   communities,  cultures,   ethnic   backgrounds   and   races   of   Michigan   by   convening   and   mobilizing   the   American   Muslim   community.  
Michigan Student Power Alliance    
A   growing   progressive   student   network,   which  launched   VOTE   MOB   campaigns  campuses, distributed   more   than   13,000   voter   guides,   registered   more   than   1300   people   to   vote.  
Michigan United     
A   growing   People’s   Action   affiliate,   statewide   with   strength  i n   Detroit,   Kalamazoo   and   Grand   Rapids.   They   organize   faith,  immigrant,   and   African-American   communities   on   racial,   gender,   economic   and   environmental  justice   with   campaigns   on  child   and   elder   care.   Active   on  Immigrant   and   Refugee   defense.   They   have   16   staff   over   100  institution affiliates,   and   have  integrated   conversations   with   voters  into   their   movement-building   strategy.   A   major   hub   of   the   Michigan   Resistance.  
Michigan Voice  
Michigan   Voice’s   partners   with   groups   organizing   traditionally   underrepresented   and   marginalized   communities   to   vote:  people   of   color,   single   women,   youth,   and  l ow-income individuals,  first   generation  immigrant   youth,   people   formerly  incarcerated.   A  fiscally   sponsored   project   of   State   Voices,   their   work  i s   key   to   voter   turnout  i n   upcoming   elections,   census  participation,   and   redistricting.  
Guided   by   faith-based   principles   of   social  justice   and   fellowship,   MOSES   supports   Michigan’s   historically   marginalized  communities,   and   empowers   ordinary   people   to  find   and   exercise   their   civic   power.  
Mothering Justice   
A   well-organized   group   of   mothers   advocating   for   affordable   child   care,   birth  justice,   earned   paid   sick   time,   family   medical  leave  insurance,   and   raising   the   minimum   wage.   They   engage   voters   around  issues   of  income   fairness,  lead   advocacy   work  that   amplifies   the   voices   of   mothers   of   color,   provide  leadership   development   that   builds   the   next   generation   of   mother  policymakers,   and   create   family-friendly   activist   spaces.  
Muslim ARC  
he   Muslim   Anti-Racism   Collaborative  ( MuslimARC)  i s   a   faith-based   human   rights   education   organization.   We   create   spaces,  connect   people,   and   cultivate   solutions   for   racial  justice.  
Restaurant   Opportunities   Center   
ROC-Michigan  i s   dedicated   to   winning  improved   working   conditions   and   opportunities   for advancement   for   Southeast  Michigan’s   134,000   restaurant   workers,   from   dishwashers   to   servers,   from   fast   food   to  fine   dining.  
Rising Voices for Asian American Families     
Emerging   organization   with  lots   of   synergy   will   be   running   education   efforts   about   voting   rights   and   focus   on   a   key  issue  from   conversations   from   community   members.   
Sunrise Movement Education Fund   
A   youth-led   movement   to   stop   the   climate   crisis   and   create   millions   of   good  jobs  i n   the   process.   Organizing   to   make   climate  action   a   priority   and   elect  leaders   at   every level of   government   who   stand   up   for   the   wellbeing   and   health   of   their  community.   The   Education   Fund   supports   the   education   and   awareness  efforts   of   the   movement’s   plan   to make   climate  change   and   urgent   priority   and   exposes   the   corruption   of   fossil   executives.  
We the People of Michigan   
We   the   People  i s   building  infrastructure   to   engage   Michiganders   on   unifying  issues  l ike   paid   sick   time,   redistricting,   and  water   rights,   while   also   creating   dialogue   on   divisions   of   race,   class,   gender,   urban/rural,   and  immigration.   They’re   bringing  existing   groups  i nto   collaboration   to   engage  i n   grassroots   conversations,   organizing,   and  leadership   at   a   new   scale.  I n   the  past,   We   the   People   worked   on   a   minimum   wage   and   paid   sick  l eave   ballot   measure.  
Blueprint NC  
Blueprint   NC  is   a  large,   powerful   State   Voices   affiliate   that   works   closely   with   all   the   key   grassroots   groups   that   do   vote  work  i n   NC.   They   provide   grants   and   technical   support   to   many   smaller   community-based   groups.   Together   those   groups  registered   over 200,000   voters.  
Down Home Carolina  
Down   Home   Carolina   unites   to   build   the   power   and   raise   the   voices   of   working   people  in   small   town   and   rural   North  Carolina   to   take   action.   By   weaving   together   their different   experiences,   they   strive   to   shape   a   democracy   that   serves  working   people, where   their  labor  is   valued   and   their   food,  land,   and   water   are   healthy.  

Muslim Women For  
Muslim   Women   For  is   a   grassroots   organization   of   diverse   women  leaders   whose   mission is   to   embody   and   be   an  effective  voice   of   the   Qur’anic  i deals   of   human   dignity,   egalitarianism,   compassion,   and   social  justice.   We   are   dedicated   to   working  together   to   create   transformative   change   by   organizing  locally   and   building   power   through   direct   service,   community  organizing,   advocacy,   and   spiritual   resistance.  In   2018   they   ran   their   fist   civic   engagement   program   with   the   help   and  support   of   MVP   focusing  i n   the   southeast   neighborhoods   of   Raleigh,   NC   that  i s   primarily   a   people   of   color   neighborhood.  Their   focus   was   voter   registration   and   GOTV   events   to   encourage   their   community   to   go   out   and   educate   voters   on   the  various  issues   on   the   ballot.   NC
Asian Americans Together (NCAAT)  
NCAAT   focuses   on   voter   engagement,   specifically   on   the   progress   towards   closing   the   gap  in   registration   and   turnout.  In  2020,   NCAAT   plans   to  implement   a   robust   voter   registration   and   get   out   the   vote   program.   They   are   committed   to  registering   2,500   voters  in   2020,   with   a   significant   amount   from   younger   AAPIs  in   high   schools   and   colleges,   mostly  l ed   by  students.   NCAAT   will   also  implement  its   voter   registration   program   through  its   Community   Partners   Network,   a   program  aimed   at   building   an   AAPI base   throughout   North   Carolina.   Their   voter   engagement   work   will   be   the   8   counties   of   Wake,  Durham,   Orange,   Guilford,   Catawba,   Watauga,   Cumberland   and   Mecklenburg.  
Southern Vision Alliance  
Southern   Vision   Alliance  i s   a   vibrant   and   growing   youth   and   campus-oriented   network   and   an   umbrella   which   supports  five  different   youth   and   student   efforts:  Ignite   NC,   Community   Alliance   for   Public   Education,   Education   Justice   Alliance,   NC   Vote  Defenders,   and   Youth   Organizing  Institute.   SVA   helps   them   build   capacity   to   take   on   social,   economic,   and   environmental  justice   campaigns   as   well   as   to   get   out   and   protect   the   youth   vote  i n   more   than   a   dozen   counties.  
Make the Road PA    
Make   the   Road   PA  i s   the  largest   Latinx   organization  i n   the   state,   building   power   for justice  i n   Latinx   communities,   working  communities   and   Communities   of   Color.   MRPA  i s   constantly   reaching   and   registering   thousands   of   voters   and   encouraging  them   to   get involved  i n   the   community.   They   play   a  leading   role  i n   campaigns   for  i mmigration   reform   and   the   Abolish  I CE  movement,   a   fair   budget   for   education   and   human   services, driver’s  licenses   for   undocumented  immigrants,   rights   of the LGBTQ+   community,   Puerto   Rico   Justice,   and   the   Fight   for   $15.   They   have   roughly   700   monthly   participants  i n   their   events  and   member   committee   meetings.  
CASA Pennsylvania  
A   powerful   Center   for   Popular   Democracy   affiliate   and   Latino  immigrant   rights   organization   branching   out   from   CASA   de  Maryland,   with   a   growing   base  i n   South   Central   PA  ( Dauphin,   Lancaster   and   York   Counties).   They   have   registered   10,000  voters   and   contacted   over   45,000  i infrequent   Latino   voters.   
1 Hood  
A   collective   of   artists   and   activists   whose   mission  i s   to   build  liberated   communities   through   art,   education   and   social  justice.  They've   focused   their   work   mobilizing   Black   youth   and   community   members   to   vote   who   normally   wouldn't.   

Media Mobilizing Project        
This   organization   shines   a  light   on   the   untold   stories   of   organizing  i n   the   greater   Philadelphia  region.   Using  innovative   media-based   organizing   strategies,   MMP   has   an impressive   track   record   of   raising   awareness  around  local   social  justice   concerns   and   connecting   communities   across  issues.   This   election   cycle   they   will   support   the  media   and   communications   needs   of   electoral   organizers   and   voting   rights   advocates.  
Keystone Progress Education Fund  
A   USAction   and   ProgressNow   affiliate,   Keystone   Progress  i s   a   multi-issue   advocacy   organization   that   combines   cutting  edge   online   organizing   techniques   and   hard-hitting   earned   media   to   advance   the   state’s   progressive   agenda.   They’re  working   statewide   on issues   from   the  local   to   national  level,   and   are   building   up   their   community   organizing   and   electoral  capacity.  
A   network   of  immigrant   families   organizing   across   Pennsylvania.   Organizing   community   members,  including   young   people  to   become   civically   engaged   year-round.   
New Voices for Reproductive Justice     
The   statewide   branch   of   New   Voices   for   Reproductive   Justice,   based  i n   Pittsburgh   with   recent   expansions  into   Philadelphia  (and   Ohio).   They   engage  i n  leadership   development   and   organizing   to   advance   the   health   and   well-being   of   Black   women  and   girls,   and   the   Human   Rights   of   LGBTQ   and   marginalized   communities,   with   services   provided   to   over   50,000   people.  Their   Voice   Your   Vote!   Project™,   will   reach   a   universe   of   125,000  in and   beyond   Pittsburgh.   

Pennsylvania Voice  
A   statewide   network   of   more   than   35   organizations   that   share   a   vision   of   full   participation   and   representation   of   the   New   American   Majority   –   people   of   color,   young,   and   single   women   –  i n   the   state.   Building   power   to   break   barriers   to   civic  participation   and   centering  issues   affecting   marginalized   communities.  

PA Immigration & Citizenship Coalition   
A   statewide   network   of   more   than   35   organizations   that   share   a   vision   of   full   participation   and   representation   of   the   New   American   Majority   –   people   of   color,   young,   and   single   women   –  i n   the   state.   Building   power   to   break   barriers   to   civic  participation   and   centering  issues   affecting   marginalized   communities.
A   faith-based   PICO   affiliate   expanding   statewide.   POWER   played   a   key   role  i n   winning   a  living   wage   ordinance   for   city   agencies   and   contractors,   and  l ed   a   statewide   faith   coalition   that   successfully   changed   the   state’s   public   education   funding  formula   to   correct long-standing   racial   bias   and  inadequacies.   
Put People First! PA    
Put   People   First!   PA   gives   voice   to   everyday   people   who   are   struggling   to   meet   our   basic   needs.   They   define   our   basic  needs   as   things   they   need   to  live   healthy   and   fulfilling  l ives   —   things  like   education,   housing,   health   care,  jobs   at  living  wages,   food,   and   a   healthy   environment.   They   are   a   membership   organization   made   up   mostly   of   people   who   know   from  life   experience   that   poor   and   working   people   need   to   unite   and   have   a   voice.  
She Can Win  
She   Can   Win  i s   a   nonpartisan   training   program   that   provides   support,   mentorship   and   education   to   women–particularly  Black   women–who   have   a   passion   for   civic  leadership.   Whether   you   are  interested  i n   running   for   Public   Office,   working   on  campaigns   or   becoming   an   advocate   for   a   cause   your   passion   about   She   Can   Win   can   assist   you   with   achieving   your   goals.  
Wisconsin Voices   
A   strong   State   Voices   table  lifting   up   grassroots   groups   doing   nonpartisan   voter   engagement.    They   are   the   key   group  supporting   youth   and   student   organizing  in   Milwaukee   and   statewide.   Leaders   Igniting   Transformation  
Leaders Igniting Transformation  
( LIT)  i s   a   new   organization  l ed   by   youth   of   color.   They   engage  i n   values-based issue  organizing,   direct   action,   advocacy   for   public   policy,   and  leadership   development.   On   campuses   and   communities  i n  Milwaukee’s   key   geographies,   they   organize   young   people   to   build  independent   political   power   for   social,   racial   and  economic  justice.  
Black Leaders Organizing Communities    
Working   to   uplift   Black   citizens,  leaders,   and   businesses  i n   the   community   by  investing in building  long-term   power,   taking  political   action,   and   empowering   Black  leaders   with   tools   so   that   their  issues   are   represented   at   all  levels   of   government.  Building   transformational   relationships   with   communities   of   color   through   organizing,   silent   canvasses,   and   conversations.  They   have   knocked   100,000   doors   and   continue   engaging   Wisconsinites   year-round.  
Voces de La Frontera  
One   of   the   strongest   state-based  immigrant   rights   organizations  i n   the   country.   They   held   mass   meeting   across   the   state  and   then   helped   organize   Wisconsin’s   “Day   without   Latinos”   which   brought   40,000   people  into   the   streets   of   Milwaukee.  I t  has   chapters  i n   Milwaukee,   Racine,   Madison,   Green   Bay,   Waukesha,   and   Walworth   County,   and   a   strong   history   of  organizing   the   Latino   vote.  
NAOMI (Northcentral Area Congregations Organized to Make an Impact)   
An   awesome   WISDOM  ( Gamaliel)   affiliate   who  i s   very   active  i n   the   Hmong   community in the   central   part   of   the  state.
Citizen Action of Wisconsin Education Fund  
A   strong   affiliate   of   People’s   Action   that   runs   top-notch   civic   engagement   programs   statewide.   Citizen   Action   of   Wisconsin  has   over   42,000  individual   members   and   123,000   supporters   and  is   engaged  i n   organizing   campaigns   on   health   care   and  economic justice.  
Freedom, Inc.  
A   visionary   non-profit   engaging  low   to   no-income   communities   of   color  in   Dane   County   to   achieve   social  justice   through  coupling   direct   service,  leadership   development,   and   community   organizing.  It   seeks   to   end   violence   against   women,  children,   gender-non-conforming,   and   transgender   folks   within   communities   of   color   by   challenging   root   causes   of   violence,  poverty,   and   racism.   They   are   currently  leading  immigration  justice   efforts   and   organizing   voter   engagement.  
Menikanaehkem Inc. - Community Rebuilders (Menominee Tribe)   
A   grassroots   organization   based   on   the   Menominee   Reservation   working   to   revitalize   their   communities.  It   provides   a  platform   for   health   and   wellness   by  leading   by   example, celebrating   the   sacredness   of  life,   and   embracing   their   strengths   as  a   First   Nations   People.  It’s  leading   powerful   multigenerational  initiatives  including   the   Women’s   Retreats,   Community   Art,  Energy   Sovereignty,   and   the   Protectors   of   the   Menominee   River. 
Georgia Shift

Georgia Shift gives marginalized young people a seat at the table of democracy through civic media, hands-on education, and action opportunities. They envision a Georgia where marginalized young people are the fundamental driver of political impact and public policy at every level of government in an unbridled democracy.

Issue Areas: Economic Justice, End Mass Criminalization, Racial Justice

Constituencies: African American, Youth and Students

Group Type: 501c3, 501c4

Georgia Stand Up

Georgia STAND-UP is an affiliate of the Strategic Alliance for New Directions and Unified Policies (STAND-UP). Made up of leaders representing faith, community, academic, labor, and business organizations, Georgia STAND-UP organizes and educates communities throughout the southwest to impact progressive public policy.

Issue Areas: Economic Justice, Racial Justice, Voting Rights

Constituencies: African American, Faith-Based, Women, Youth and Students

Group Type: 501c3

New Georgia Project and Action Fund

Ambitious effort working to transform the state’s political landscape. NGP has registered thousands and is conducting citizen academies to get more people educated on how elections and public policy processes work. In addition to more traditional outreach, they’ve also worked to improve election administration and protection and tested the impact of “parties at the polls” on turnout. 

Issue Areas: Economic Justice, End Mass Criminalization, Racial Justice, Voting Rights

Constituencies: African American, Faith-Based, Latinx, Women, Youth and Students

Group Type: 501c3, 501c4


A non-profit civic engagement table working to improve Georgia to be a state that cares for its citizens and natural resources. It unites more than 30 diverse nonprofit groups to work strategically with new tools and tech to organize around issues, change policies in the state and increase voter turnout of underrepresented and socially responsible voters. Its supporting connecting and coordinating civic participation efforts of member groups.

Issue Areas: Voting Rights

Constituencies: African American, Asian / Pacific Islander, Latinx, Women, Youth and Students

Group Type: 501c3, 501c4

Spark Reproductive Justice Now

Spark RJ Now organizes for reproductive rights and gender justice through a racial and economic justice lens. They have a strong youth leadership development program with an emphasis on empowering LGBTQ youth of color to develop their own media resources, and conduct civic engagement activities.

Issue Areas: LGBTQ, Racial Justice, Reproductive Justice

Constituencies: African American, Women

Group Type: 501c3

Women Engaged

WOMEN ENGAGED is a social justice nonprofit that takes an innovative, hands-on learning approach to advancing women’s human rights, youth empowerment and civic engagement efforts in Georgia. Using a human rights framework, Women Engaged develops policy recommendations, conducts research and organizing initiatives paired with, leadership development, savvy communications outreach strategies and civic engagement opportunities for women and youth of color.

Issue Areas: Healthcare, LGBTQ, Racial Justice, Religious Freedom, Reproductive Justice, Voting Rights

Constituencies: African American, Women, Youth and Students

Group Type: 501c3

Access Reproductive Care- SouthEast (ARC-Southeast)

ARC-Southeast supports southerners and their families access safe, compassionate, and affordable reproductive care by providing financial and logistical support and building power with communities though advocacy, education, and leadership development. In Georgia, ARC-Southeast conducts volunteer trainings to support communities on the ground gain access to abortion and creates spaces to protect reproductive justice for communities of color, trans people, and directly impacted individuals.

Issue Areas: Healthcare, Reproductive Justice

Constituencies: African American, Arab / Middle Eastern, Asian / Pacific Islander, Latinx, White Working Class

Group Type: 501c3

Black Voters Matter - Georgia

Black Voters Matter and Black Voters Matter Fund were founded in Georgia’s black belt where they helped flip a local state legislature race, breaking Georgia’s GOP supermajority. In a recent election, they supported dozens of local partners in 25 counties of Georgia’s rural black belt – filling a unique gap – with a historic black woman candidate at the top of the ticket.

Issue Areas: Economic Justice, Racial Justice, Voting Rights

Constituencies: African American, Women, Youth and Students

Group Type: 501c3, 501c4

Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights (GLAHR)

It is a community-based organization that educates, organizes, and empowers Latinos in Georgia to defend and advance their civil and human rights. It develops statewide grassroots leadership in Latino immigrant communities and, over the past 10 years, has established a powerful network of informed and engaged community members through base-building strategies. It is leading an energized statewide voter education.

Georgia Muslim Voter Project (GA MVP)

Founded in response to the growing anti-Muslim rhetoric that was prevalent in mainstream politics and the low rates of civic engagement in the Muslim community. It is a nonpartisan voter education and engagement organization that seeks to activate Muslim voters in order to elevate their voices. It’s defending voters from suppression and it asked the court to allow absentee ballot voters due process if their absentee ballots have been rejected by election officials.

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