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2022 RDI/Heartland (c3) Fund Groups



GALvanize is a research-driven organization working at the vanguard of neuroscience, behavioral psychology, and data science to bring innovation to the field of civic engagement and political persuasion. Their research will help us understand how wedges (e.g., crime, migrant crisis, socialism, cancel culture, inflation) are successfully triggering women voters and how to counter these effects. They apply that expertise to ongoing, year-round engagement with moderate white women voters living in rural, small town and suburban America with a 2022 focus that includes Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia. They are also expanding their online platforms that create a healthy space for moderate women voters to be curious, entertain complexity, and resist the pull to default into a tribal mentality in which we demonize the other.



VoteVets has been a home base for progressive veterans, military families, and their civilian supporters for over 15 years. Veterans are uniquely rich targets for disinformation precisely because they are seen as leaders, making their voice a valued amplifier. Vet Voice Foundation plans to establish a sophisticated Disinformation Hub, which they piloted in the GA runoff, with organizing, communications, and advocacy branches. Activity will include: media literacy training, activating volunteers to combat disinformation in online gathering spaces, fact checking and rapid response capacity, research and storytelling about the impacts of disinformation on veterans, and policy change. In 2022 their goal is to double the number of veterans on their voter file to 3 million, with special focus on battleground, in addition to “purple” states.


Rural Arizona Engagement (RAZE)

RAZE’s mission is to educate, advocate and coordinate in rural communities so they gain access to civic education, engagement opportunities and voter registration. Funding will support their non-partisan campaign to help rural BIPOC and allied communities fully engage in the independent redistricting process towards their twin goals of fair representation, and an active, expanded base of leaders and voters. They will provide clear and accessible public information, education and resources about the process and its impact. Activities will include:

  • coalition outreach and convening, identification and training of new leaders, email, social and digital

  • communication, workshops and public hearings. 


Wisconsin Farmers Union

Wisconsin Farmers Union is a member driven organization committed to enhancing the quality of life for family farmers and rural communities through educational opportunities, cooperative endeavors, and civic engagement. In 2022 they’re working with key stakeholders from business, climate, and agriculture on a set of policies to be part of the Farm Bill. Some of these policies include expanding the Rural Energy for America Program, the Conservation Reserve Program, and the Environmental Quality Incentives Program that focus on building climate friendly agricultural practices without placing additional regulatory burden on farmers. Support will enable WFU to continue to organize and grow their base, advocate for important rural, economic and democracy issues, and uplift rural narratives and voices through their strategic communications work.

603 Forward

603 Forward fills a gap in organizing people under 40 in New Hampshire with a focus the energy of working-age young people for whom the state’s policies are not working. Other groups serving young adults in New Hampshire exclusively engage college students who depart after federal elections, or don’t leverage the systems-level change possible through political action and civic engagement. 603 Forward provides long-term, sustained education and engagement of working-age New Hampshire young people in their communities, in politics and at the State House.


Down Home NC

Down Home NC is led by the working people of North Carolina’s small towns and rural communities. Their mission is to work together to increase democracy, grow the good in their communities, and pass a healthy and just home down to their grandbabies. Their constituency is only rural, and they work to build multiracial coalition across working families which is unique in the area. They work in Alamance, Cabarrus, Haywood, Jackson and Madison Counties, which are in Central and Western North Carolina and are now expanding into Eastern North Carolina. Through deep canvass listening programs, they will develop a working-class issue mandate for North Carolina, and surface organizing leads who will receive in-person 1:1 follow-up from chapter organizers.

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