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we're focused on a 2020 Blue Wave

choices + strategies


The Basics

Force Multiplier is an all-volunteer grassroots groups based in eastern MA.

We work in support of Democratic candidates but are not part of the Democratic Party.


Force Multiplier focuses on fundraising and does not organize canvassing, phone banks and other field activities.


All funds raised go directly to the candidates through Act Blue. No funds go to Force Multiplier. (Act Blue has a 3.95% credit card processing fee.) When payment is by check, the contribution goes directly to the candidate or group being supported.


Act Blue reports donor information as required by the FEC to the candidates. Act Blue will offer you an opportunity to opt out of sharing your email with the campaigns and grassroots groups. You will not be added to their lists unless you opt in at the time of your donation.

Those who contribute through us are added to our mailing list, which we do not share with any other groups.


How we selected candidates in the 2018 midterms

When we came together in 2017, we decided that the best way to check Republican power was to focus on flipping the House of Representatives. We then identified 15 Democrats who were challenging Republican incumbents in districts that data suggested could be flipped.


We used Cook Report, Sabato’s Crystal Ball, Inside Elections to identify races rated as Toss Ups, where extra support might provide a candidate with enough of a boost to win. Other factors included  the Partisan Voter Index, the district’s voting record in both Presidential and midterm elections, party registration, fundraising for both candidate and challenger and the fit of the candidate with the district in which he or she was running.


We considered endorsements from a variety of groups including the DCCC’s Red to Blue, Emily’s List, but did not otherwise evaluate the candidates on any particular issues. Our primary criteria has been the strategic importance of the race and the viability of the candidate.    


Using this method, we raised almost $700,000 for our 15 candidates, 13 of whom won. 


 in 2020 we're focused on 3 THINGS


We've devised a strategy we can use at this early point in the election cycle when we do not yet have nominees for the Presidency or key Senate races.

Holding the House

It took an unprecedented Blue Wave to squeak out narrow wins in districts that Republicans had carried by double digits. Republicans only have to win back 18 seats to retake control of the House. Our Hold the House Slate currently has 4 Freshman who won their races by close margins and 5 challengers who have a real shot at flipping their seats. We'll update our slate periodically, so that we are supporting the candidates who need it the most. 

Flipping the Senate

We're supporting six Democratic challengers for the Senate. That's the number we need to ensure that we are in the majority. Our slate includes races in Georgia, Iowa, Colorado, Montana and North Carolina. As with House candidates, we use the Cook Report, Sabato’s Crystal Ball, Inside Elections to identify competitive races where we feel we could have an impact. 

In most cases we'll support House and Senate challengers only after their primaries unless they are the sole Democratic candidate or the outcome is 99% certain.

Voter Empowerment
We want to help lay the groundwork for victory in 2020 by focusing on “high-impact” states, those that are likely to be decisive in determining who controls the House, Senate and White House. We're currently supporting grassroots groups doing voter registration, education and mobilization in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Florida, North Carolina and Arizona. Our high-impact states were picked by looking at current ratings from Cook, Sabato, Inside Elections and voting trends in 2016 and 2018. The grassroots groups are being funded through The Movement Voter Project, Fair Fight and the DSCC Legal Fund.


Our goal is to remain agile in a changing environment and find the most effective ways for our community to invest their time and money to bring about the changes we need.

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