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Several states hold primary elections “late” in a given election cycle. For instance,  Michigan’s primary will be on August 6th. This timing creates a challenge for Force Multiplier in identifying candidates to support in races projected to be competitive based on our research.

Nominee funds provide a way to raise funds for these competitive races “pre-primary.” Money raised between now + the primary will be held in an escrow or nominee account + will be released to the winner once the primary is over.


Democratic incumbent Dan Kildee is retiring leaving MI 08 an open seat. The district is centered in the Flint region. Though veteran Congressman Kildee won the district handily in ‘22, the 2024 race is projected to be competitive because Republicans see an opportunity to flip a blue seat to red. According to the Cook Report MI 08 is the median district in terms


Democratic/Republican leaning seats: 217 seats lean more Democratic, while 217 seats lean more Republican. The race has the makings of a true toss-up election.


Three viable candidates are competing in the Democratic primary:

Kristen McDonald Rivet

Matt Collier

Pamela Pugh


All three bring impressive credentials to this election + FM will support whichever one is victorious on August 6th.

Funds raised in this nominee fund will be released to the victor of the August 6th primary.

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