More About Organizing Corps 2020


Organizing Corps 2020 (OC2020) is an unprecedented, multi-million dollar investment to recruit and train a team of 1,000 local organizers in seven key battleground states: Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Florida, Georgia and North Carolina. Launched in the summer of 2019 and continuing through the 2020 election, the program will ensure the eventual Democratic presidential nominee will have a talented team of organizers “on the ground” in those states, working in their home communities. The national team reflects the extraordinary diversity of our voters. 

While the nominee will not be determined until at least spring of 2020, Organizing Corps is building the general election team now. We know this election will be won or lost in the field by razor-thin margins, so we are working to ensure that the eventual nominee will emerge from the protracted primary with a well-trained organizing force that can beat Trump in November of 2020 and win races up and down the ticket.  



Organizing Corps plans to have 370-plus organizers working in Florida by June of 2020. We will start this summer by training 90 local corps members in an eight-week, paid, action-based program. The training curriculum will introduce corps members to the foundations of an organizing program in a political campaign, including: phases of a campaign, voter registration, capacity building, voter contact, and GOTV (voter turnout). The program gives corps members practice and training in cutting-edge tools and technical skills in digital engagement, data analytics, and political behavior -- must-have skills to build a leadership advantage in 2020. 

Following an intensive, one-week training institute in Atlanta team members will head into the field in Miami, Orlando, Ft. Lauderdale, and Tampa for the remainder of the summer, where they will put their skills into action under the mentorship of three local coaches. This field work will include activating volunteers and leaders through one-to-one meetings, canvassing, and phone and text banking; building community online using emerging digital tools; and registering voters. 


All data collected by corps members will go into the Florida Democratic Party database for the 2020 presidential election. We will hold two additional trainings for 100 additional Florida corps members in winter (142) and spring (139) of 2020.


Our summer corps is made up of rising seniors who will graduate in spring of 2020, just as the general election is ramping up their hiring for organizers.  The Florida corps members come from over 30 schools, which are listed below.  

An incredibly diverse group, Florida summer corps members identify as: 

● 85% diverse

● 92% from the four cities (and 98% are from or live in Florida)

● 25% LGBTQ

● 58% women



Florida State University | University of Tampa | Washington University in St. Louis | University of Maryland - College Park | Linfield College | University of Central Florida | Barry University | Florida A&M University | Florida Memorial University | New York University | Florida Atlantic University | Miami Lakes Educational Center and Technical College | Georgetown University | Bethune - Cookman University | Boston College | Brevard College | Carnegie Mellon University | Colorado College | Columbia University | Curry College | George Washington University | St. Petersburg University | Stetson University | University of Miami | Vanderbilt University | Tufts University | University of Chicago | American University | Haverford College | University of Florida | University of South Florida