Force Multiplier’s Rural Victory Fund Portfolio


RAZA - Rural Arizona  Action . RAZA is committed to building a sustainable progressive voting block in southern rural Arizona. They develop young local leaders through the RAZA Leaders program, register and turn out new voters with RAZE the Vote program, and hold their elected officials accountable through the RAZA community education series. 

Chispa - is a Latina-led climate activist organization and a program of the Conservation League of America.Chispa AZ is organizing in their communities, increasing voter participation, pushing back on polluters, and holding their elected officials accountable in between elections.Georgia


Black Male Voter Project - Created to reach and mobilize the roughly 50% of registered black male voters who have not voted in the last five consecutive elections, their premise is that there isn’t a voter registration problem with Black men, there is a voter engagement and turnout problem. Black Male Voter project engages Black men year round utilizing culturally competent communication that  builds trust and goodwill.


Faith in Public Life GA - Faith in Public Life works to amplify faith voices on issues of public policy. They work with their representatives to pursue economic justice and a Georgia where everyone has the ability to live and prosper. And when it comes to the attack on voting rights, faith leaders are organizing and protesting to protect this sacred right. Their GA chapter is new this year, but RDI has funded their work in Ohio and Florida and is confident in their ability to replicate the success they have had in those states. 


North Carolina

Down Home North Carolina - This People’s Action Affiliate in rural North Carolina is built from local chapters led by the people living within the community. They are focused on building multi-racial power for poor and working families throughout rural NC, with a focus on electing local officials, fighting for Medicaid expansion and raising the minimum wage. 


Poder - This is a collaborative group dedicated to uniting North Carolina young people and community organizations around Latinx issues and candidates. In addition to in-person organizing, they have a creative and far reaching social media strategy. Poder, working in coalition with groups like Down Home, was critical in Ricky Hurtado’s victory, the first Latinx Democrat in the North Carolina General Assembly.


Wisconsin Farmers Union - This members-driven organization is committed to enhancing economic prosperity that supports family farmers and rural communities - including farm workers, meat processors and grocery workers.  In addition to building economic prosperity for rural communities, WFU is actively advocating for water quality protection and the health of the land. The third pillar of their mission is to restore democracy through fair maps, campaign finance reform and the elimination of gerrymandering.


Progress North -  Progress North strives  to bridge the deep divide of race, class, gender and sexual orientation in the rural northwoods of Wisconsin. They aim to bring people together around values of equity, the common good, and a commitment to a fair and inclusive democracy.



Pennsylvania Stands Up - People’s Action Affiliate PA Stands Up is a statewide multiracial organization that over the past three years has built up permanent grassroots infrastructure in rural areas, towns and small cities where none existed.. As part of People’s Action’s Deep Canvassing project, their organizers and volunteers were able to engage in hundreds of thousands of candid conversations that persuaded enough voters to shift from Trump to Biden and ensure the state swung back to blue.

PA United - Based in the Pittsburgh area, PA United is a member-led organization that works in close partnership with PA Stands Up to connect communities of color with white working-class communities across Western PA. Their mission is to build a multi-racial, working-class movement around the shared interests of environmental protection, a living minimum wage, unions, and the need for lasting economic investment in their region. Chapters work on local issues and elect local candidates, as well as coalescing around statewide and national elections with other grassroots groups in the state. They run their leadership development and deep canvass programs in partnership with PA Stands Up.


National Organizations

GALvanize - GALvanize built a network of 96,000 women in rural and conservative communities, providing them multiple online platforms to come together to listen, learn and support each other in voting their values. They have a focus on testing and measurement that has allowed them to learn much more about this core Democratic  constituency. Through targeted advertising, deep canvassing, and highly facilitated Facebook groups, they created safe and fun spaces for women to ask questions, learn and respectfully debate electoral issues, change their minds, and gain confidence in talking about political and civic issues with friends and family. They are currently doing intensive work in WI, PA, VA, with additional research & modeling across battleground states, with special attention paid to NC and GA. They are likely to add another state w/ a competitive Senate race where they can have impact, like NH. 

1000 Women Strong - Started in November of 2020 by the leadership team from the Stacey Abrams for Governor Campaign. They focused on recruiting, training and mobilizing Black women in majority-Black rural Southwest Georgia. RDI helped fund their nine week rapid response voter registration and mobilization program that was instrumental in turning out tens of thousands of voters who did not vote in the November election, resulting in historic wins for Rev Warnock and Jon Ossoff.  Now they’ve been asked to scale up nationwide and have hired Black women leaders who are alumni of the Stacey Abrams, Andrew Gillum, and Jaime Harrison campaigns.  Pending funding, they hope to expand to NC, PA, VA, Texas and Florida with a goal of 100,000 Black women by 2022.