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Force Multiplier’s Rural Victory Fund Portfolio from the Rural Democracy Initiative

GALvinize has cracked the code for engaging women in rural and conservative communities, building a network of 96,000 women on multiple online platforms. They gather to listen, learn and support each other in voting their values. Representing 45% of the vote share in MI, OH, PA and WI, our funds will help them scale up researched, values-based messages to reach persuadable, largely white women.


Courier Newsroom is a rapidly growing LLC with a civic mission to increase engagement and combat disinformation by delivering factual information, relevant news and cultural storytelling to million of low-information voters where they spend their time online – on social media and in their inboxes. Small town newspapers and local radio stations have died or been bought out by conservative corporations. Courier aims to fill the vacuum of accurate political information in rural communities. Our funds will support political beats/issues in PA, NC, AZ and GA. 


Vote Vets has been the homebase for progressive veterans and military families nationwide. Our funds will support their current efforts to double the size of their membership in battleground states, identify and train members to become spokespersons, and mobilize members through peer-to-peer outreach to vote their values.


Amplify NH develops carefully researched messaging, through earned and paid media, to hold Republicans accountable for their controversial policies including an abortion ban, school vouchers, and large tax cuts for wealthy residents. Their initial efforts showed success and they will be launching another research-based campaign this summer and fall.


Down Home NC is an organizing project led by the working people of North Carolina’s small towns and rural communities. They build multi-racial coalitions in support of a working-class issues mandate such as healthcare and immigration. In 2022 they are expanding into more NC counties and building regional teams who will do massive integrated electoral voter contact through in-person canvassing, texting, social, and deep canvass phone-banking. 

Wisconsin Farmers' Union is committed to enhancing economic prosperity for family farmers and rural communities including farm workers, meat processors and grocery workers. Our funds will support their mission to restore democracy and help them expand their communications and messaging program deploying members to write OpEds, articles for local papers, and to serve as hosts and guests on local radio and podcasts.



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