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Here's why this is true:

• We do the complicated vetting of candidates that most people don’t have the time, interest, or inclination to do. 

• We choose candidates that we deeply research and determine can best benefit from the levels of donations that we can raise.

• Our “special sauce” works: In 2018, FM targeted 15 House candidates. Thirteen of them won, ensuring that we would win back the House. And thank goodness we did! 


Since 2018, along with holding the Democratic House majority, we have added two additional focused efforts:

• Identify and support the races key to flipping the Senate 

• Win the White House by supporting grassroots voter empowerment groups in battleground states


Yes, there are many other wonderful groups and efforts supporting Democratic candidates and voter empowerment efforts. For instance:

• Democratic Party organizations support a broad array of party candidates. 

• Political Action Committees (PACS) raise a lot of money from high net worth individuals and corporations and target candidates according to all sorts of criteria. 

• Some groups primarily or exclusively support women, people of color, minority candidates, younger candidates, first-time candidates, “progressives,” and many other specific cohorts or demographics. 

• Likewise, with voter protection initiatives, there are important efforts that need support in every state.


All of these are well worth supporting. But, many don’t meet our criteria:

• Some are not “critical” races or in “critical” districts; 

• Some are relatively safe seats and don’t need our help.

• Some simply are not winnable, regardless of the amount of support they receive.

• Some candidates (including some we supported in the mid-terms) don’t need our help because they are raising needed funds. 

• Some need more funding, but at levels where only PAC money might makea difference. 


Why Force Multiplier? Because we have developed a laser-focused, unique way to empower the average donor who desperately wants to make a difference in 2020.


At Force Multiplier, YOU X ME = DEMOCRACY. 

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