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TAKEAWAYS from you continued...

From Sherrod Brown Event

"The most important take away from Sherrod Brown last night was his position at the crux of issues in support of working people.  His effective articulation illuminates the importance of this issue in this election." BRUCE, born and raised in Ohio


"I thought the event was great. Brown clearly understands that his role is to serve his constituents and loves meeting them and understanding their needs. He is focused on concrete ways to help them and not on culture war issues. He nicely summarized all of the ways that the Democrats have succeeded in passing legislation that serves the needs of working people and ironically of people who often are Trump supporters. He clearly understands what Ohioans want, what is realistic, and what the campaign message should be. He also made clear that as a candidate in a red state, he will not get much national support, so our funding is very critical. Finally, he clearly loves his job - the opportunity to meet so many of his constituents and the opportunity to help them. He was very inspiring and a great reminder of what rational, reasonable, and constituent focused politicians can do." CHUCK, NJ

"I loved the event. What an engaging, thoughtful, warm individual Brown is. There were lots of interesting questions which Tom did an excellent job sorting, consolidating, and asking in ways to elicit a thorough response. Sherrod Brown’s commitment to working class folks is loud and clear, and it is buoyed, I think, by a contagious optimism." BARBARA, Lincoln, MA


"The aspect of Sherrod Brown’s interview that I found most compelling was his ability to connect labor with environmental concerns. I learned about the Blue Green Alliance, the relevance of jobs and environment to each other.  I appreciated his stress on getting out the vote, reaching young voters and tradespeople". SALLY, Seattle, WA


"I had 2 major reactions to the session with Sherrod Brown last night. It was clear that the Senator was comfortable with you all because he was quite candid with his reponses to all the questions. I also learned for the first time, though I have known Sherrod since his days in the House, that we had the same major in college. I also appreciated that you did not aggressively raise money during the event. ANN, Washington, DC

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