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TAKEAWAYS from you continued...

Responses to 3 Challengers 03/28/24


"Once again my husband and I were impressed with the high caliber of these 3 candidates in their qualifications and ability to relate to the important issues and to their constituents. We continue to be loyal supporters of the Democratic candidates that FM chooses to support. Thank you to you and the rest of the FM Volunteers that do this work." VICKI, Astoria, NY

"I was encouraged that all of them have records of only being beaten by a little bit and at least one has already served with distinction.  (I was upset this morning to see that election maps in New York May threaten efforts to win back the house.  I don't know if the districts of these candidates are affected.)"

HELEN, California


"I felt that last evening’s session was excellent. The format that Force Multiplier uses is perfect in that each candidate has about ten minutes to talk about themselves, and after the three candidates have spoken there is still about 25 minutes for questions. Using the chat function for submission of questions enables everyone on the call to submit and listen to the responses.


"I found the candidate’s self-introduction to be an excellent way to get to know more about them, their motivation, backgrounds and the experience they will bring with them. All of the candidates inspired confidence and a sense that those who lived in their Districts, and in New York, would be very well represented. Although I live in a different district, more house seats won in New York State will make a significant difference." 


"I live in Averill Park, New York 12018, and the most important take-away from last night’s event was that having Force Multiplier’s volunteers doing the research enables individuals like me direct their support to candidates who will have more resources to dedicate to their campaigns. You make the process both simple and educational."GARY, Averill Park, NY


"I attended last night from Brookline MA. It was a terrific event. The three candidates you chose were each thoughtful, prepared, genuine and informed. I’m not sure about the value added of the “fun facts” section and I am so glad that one of them turned down the encouragement to “sing” which seemed silly to me as these are serious people with a serious task. Overall though the whole event was so well done!  And keeping it to just one hour is perfect. Thanks." JEANE, Brookline, MA


"I joined the call from Northern California. As informed as I like to think I am, I had no awareness of these candidates, the issues/opponents they are facing or of the importance of these races. What I learned is what these impressive candidates stand for and the value of supporting them even though I’m not their constituent.


I am impressed with your organization’s focus and playbook. The targeted approach to every effort. I’d like to do more to spread the word and will continue to support your endorsed candidates and follow future events." JENNIFER, California


"As always I enjoyed yesterday's program; three impressive, engaging House candidates, all worthy of our support.

That said, my biggest concern is the Senate. I believe with hard work Biden can win and we can take back the House. With the certain loss of Manchen's seat, there is no clear path forward for the Senate. One ray of hope to make up this loss (and bring us to 50/50+Harris) is Colin Allred who is running against Ted Cruz in TX. I've been supporting Allred for the last 6-8 months. Perhaps this is a cause that FM might take up." MIKE, La Jolla, CA

"I learned the same thing this time that I learned the last time, mainly these meetings, renew my faith in democracy, that these wonderful young people are running for Congress. I can only hope that we get them elected.

I usually give these candidates $100 each before the meeting when I register. This time, I sent another $300 afterwards. I live in Auburndale, which is a neighborhood of Newton Massachusetts. Thank you for all your good work." JAMES, Newton, MA

"This was my first FM event with candidates and I loved the opportunity to hear first-hand from such inspired and inspiring candidates. As a resident of Sonoma County, CA, I am not particularly dialed into the NY races, so it was illuminating to learn more about their issues and absolutely striking to hear the contrast with the MAGA candidates who seem to get so much play." 


"My top takeaway from FM is that its critical that Democrats take control of the House & Senate by focusing on the key races that will make a difference. The NY races, in contrast to where I live, are a case in point." ELLIE, Sonoma, CA

"I am responding to the request for comments. The meeting last night was terrific. These are three exceptionally competent, thoughtful and well-spoken candidates who we are delighted to support. They all belong in Congress! We are so glad to be able to participate in this event from the West Coast. We were at the very first event in Brookline (I think) and are proud to be part of FM and are in awe of how the leaders and multipliers have grown our organization. Thank you!! DENISE + DAVE


It was great. All three candidates were smart, engaging, and knowledgeable about the issues.  The districts and the country would be so well served if these folks made it to Congress.  


"I watched it with my daughter who has a weekend home in NY 19 way on the east side of the district.  She plans on getting in contact with Josh Riley to see if there is any way she can help wrangle votes from some of her neighbors (in her limited free time!).  Their neighbors are a mixed bag with some prominent Trump supporters loudly displaying their signs but there are others who could likely be Riley voters.  She was clearly impressed by him.  There is a challenge though with many people who have second homes in the district and don’t vote there because it isn’t their primary residence.  Not sure how to get around that….Thanks for your leadership in making this happen." LISA, Cambridge


"I really enjoyed hearing the NY House candidates last night.  I'm excited to see such high quality candidates that actually have a real chance to win and help flip the House in November.  I'm from Plano, Texas and because I don't have many options in my state to help the Dems this November, it makes me really happy to support candidates in other states that can help get this done!" DESIREE

"I was super impressed by the 3 NY House candidates!  They were thoughtful, articulate, personable, and animated, and all 3 have legal expertise, which seems like a real asset for serving in Congress.  I loved hearing that WHEN they join the House, their top priority will be to codify abortion rights.
The Q&A session was great.  I just wish Mondaire had been willing to sing for us :)" SUSAN, Santa Cruz, CA

"I live in Kerhonkson,NY, Ulster County. Our Town of Rochester was just moved from District 19 (Pat Ryan) to District 18 (Molinaro-R from Dutchess) much to the distress of many. However, as a Democratic heavy town now we may offer opportunity to help Josh. I encourage him to come here so folks can get to know him better. It was great. All three candidates were smart, engaging, and knowledgeable about the issues.  The districts and the country would be so well served if these folks made it to Congress."   Kerhonkson, NY

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