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TAKE AWAYS from you continued...


"My takeaway from last night was how important it is for candidates to raise early money, and also how key connecting with voters is for Congressional races. Also, the importance of voter turnout." James, Portsmouth NH


"I was glad to participate, but disappointed that my Rep (K Clark) was gallivanting off in Ireland w/ the Prez! This is a very valuable forum to hear what the candidates are saying, and to ask them what their key issues are. I was glad to "meet" Colin Allred, who I had not heard before. He sounded very solid and articulate. Keep up these efforts. It helps us make a difference!" Walter, MA


"My two biggest takeaways were (1) Colin Allred's assertion that Texas isn't as red as some of its leaders would suggest, e.g., that Trump's approval rating is around 30%. Hard to believe! And (2) Susan Wild's explanation that having a lot of money by the end of June works to keep those Republicans who aren't self-funders out of the race. To be honest, I get that but I hate the fact that money keeps people out of political life and/or that good people need so much friggin' money to win." Lynn, Brookline MA


"We need to continue our focus on funding Democratic candidates that are facing tough races." Vicki, Astoria OR

"The caliber of our candidates is extraordinary!  The caliber of our interviewer is magnificent!  What an evening!!  FM knows what it is about to an extraordinary degree. Please continue to provide what you do so well." Bruce, Sudbury MA

"Both people came across as so articulate and wise regarding their own places in government and the possibilities they envision. I very much enjoyed the presentation and the organization of it." Penny, Needham MA


"Black votes matter!" Susan, New York City

"One of my biggest takeaways is that I am not alone in this struggle to have a government that reflects my values by electing Democrats around the country. It is critical for us to elect people and keep them in office, like the two Reps last night. I really liked hearing from them about the issues. I am glad some people in Texas are as horrified as I am about the judge’s ruling recently on the abortion pill. And to hear it from a man who is a Constitutional Lawyer. It gives me hope to see him, young and engaged. It is important for us in the Blue states to support Democrats in other parts of the country with money and yes, postcards and phone banking. Giving them the exposure to us in blue states is a very very good idea." Maureen, Wellesley MA

"Early money is critical." Susan, Richmond VA


"Honestly at first I was bummed that Katherine Clark couldn’t speak-even with such a great excuse!- but I was thrilled with Susan Wild and Colin Allred. It was so good to get a bit more of a grounds eye view. We’re often talking at a higher level. Thank you." Mary, Brookline MA

"Rep. Susan Wild said her stance towards gun violence is nuanced. What that means is: we can’t go all out with a laundry list of items like close loopholes, ban assault weapons, do background checks, etc. etc. It’s now focused only on banning automatic and semi-automatic military style weapons. The reason is: recent shootings involved weapons that were legally purchased, properly vetted and no misuse of loopholes. So, bringing all points to the table will blow back onto our face, with a comeback difficulty. Rep. Colin Allred stated that politically, things are not as bleak for the democrats as portrayed by media. The party is making inroads and progress in issues and election choices towards our goals. It's just a matter of time before we start seeing positive results from the state." Shirish, Cheshire CT

"How smart, articulate, strategic and dedicated our Representatives are! We're so fortunate." Lee, Sandwich NH

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