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TAKEAWAYS from you continued...

...take aways from the Hakeem Jefferies + Katherine Clark Event 

“It was our first time seeing Hakeem Jeffries speak (we read our news, rarely do tv) and we both came away very impressed. Both he and Katherine Clark gave us even more confidence in Force Multiplier’s strategy.” ELLEN, Saint Paul, MN

“The risk was made a stark reality too, by hearing Jeffries say - Dems have been talking to the military, they are loyal to the constitution and not a single man.  I assume this is the tip of a scary iceberg - I would want to hear more - with the goal that I want to hear planning - we can’t know all the gaming details - but Dems cannot be caught off guard for worst case scenario. There is risk in speaking publicly this way, but how can we be reassured?” SHARONE


“We had never heard Clark nor Jeffries speak in an informal gathering and delighted in hearing how passionate and articulate they are about their role in gov’t to do the work of the people in the House. Both presented as being very rational and fair minded, not stooping to Republican lows. They were clear in encouraging listeners to support candidates to beat the Republicans at the ballot box and I appreciate that Force Multiplier is looking to fund candidates who have a chance at success, so we put resources to best use. AILEEN AND TOM, Boston, MA


“We learned more about the candidates Force Multiplier is supporting.  And, Jeffries was inspirational, providing a reminder of how close the House election is and how possible (and necessary) it is to have a Democratic majority. “MARCIA AND ROGER, NY, NY


“First, thank you a kazillion times for all you are doing for Force Multiplier and in support of our democracy.  


I’m responding on the request for feedback. The greatest value of these zooms for me is twofold.  First, the zooms strengthen my sense of community with FM.  Second, they usually reassure me that the quality of the featured politicians are worth fighting for.  That was true yesterday for both the minority Whip and Leader.  Their humanity could be felt throughout their remarks.  They both seemed intelligent, prudent and informed.  I left the zoom impressed by both of them.


We were very impressed with Katherine Clark, who previously had only been a name on paper.  She is poised, well-spoken, and inspires confidence.


It was great to hear Hakeem Jeffries.  He has shown impressive leadership skills in Congress this year.  I wish he had more time to answer questions instead of giving us his campaign stump speech.  The FM crowd is a savvy group and wanted specific information. “ARIANTHĖ and PAUL, Steamboat Springs, CO


“As a Boston, MA resident, it was exciting to see Katherine Clark “in person” and hear her presentation of the strong House candidates we are supporting. I was blown away by Hakeem Jeffries who spoke so eloquently, passionately, and persuasively about his vision and analysis of what needs to happen in the House in November and going forward. He will be a fantastic Speaker. Such gratitude for Force Multiplier. “ PRILLA

“(We are very fortunate to have Clark as a longtime supporter of FM not to mention having her in Congress. Her focus last night, however, was really in the nature of an update about the various candidates around the country that FM is supporting. I think this is a task that FM could do directly either in a zoom or perhaps better yet in an email. 


I’ve heard Katherine Clark speak before  and know her to be knowledgeable and effective. But listening close up to Hakeem Jeffries helped me understand that he is a level headed, straight shooter with a sense of humor, and knowing he is in leadership is so positive and hopeful at a time we need that most.” DIANA, Quincy, MA

“My biggest takeaway is increased confidence in the House leadership.  Both Speaker Jeffries and Whip Clark impressed me as competent, dedicated and savvy people which in turn boosts my confidence that we will flip the House. The more confident I am, the harder I work.  Scare tactics shut me down while faith in the people leading the effort inspire me to do more. As examples, I made an additional donation during the event, and I will register for both of the June events.


I also want you to know that I know that at least two people who attended the house party I held in March were on the call, one of whom emailed me afterwards to express how impressed she was with Speaker Jeffries and to thank me for introducing her to Force Multiplier. I’m sure she is multiplying herself!


I will be sending an email about the June events to my Multiplier lists. I now have a second list comprised of people who signed up at a recent Harpswell Indivisible event where I was given a chance to make a pitch for FM.  This list includes about 20 people I don’t know well enough personally to have approached without the platform Harpswell Indivisible gave me. More multiplying!


Finally we here in Maine are delighted that Jared Golden is among the Special19. Although I do not live in his district, we District 1 Democrats understand the unusual complexity of Maine District 2, and we know we have to work hard to re-elect him.  We appreciate the support of FM! “ Working for a Blue Tomorrow, HELEN, Brunswick, ME


...take aways from the Rural Democracy Initiative Event

"Very informative and inspiring. We live in a rural area and struggle with voter turnout and messaging. The speakers' insights - such as how to phrase and frame messaging - were enlightening. Not sure if this can be passed along or not, but we found Megan Hesse to be somewhat hard to understand. Our hearing is not the best, but the other speakers were quite clear." BRUCE, Salisbury, MD

"I was on the Zoom last night re: Rural Organizing.  My general impression is one of disappointment.  Raised in the heart of the Midwest, Nebraska, and now living in the Boston area for many years, I was listening to hear if the speakers had specific ideas for reaching out personally to rural folks and working through channels of communication most common in those areas.  I didn't hear it; only generalities.  Perhaps speaking in specifics at this point would be revealing strategy, but I think it's important to reach people WHERE they are and through what they READ.  Simply sharing common issues isn't enough.


The Midwest has a dearth of newspapers that deliver balanced, thorough coverage outside a Republican perspective, as one example.  If I were campaigning to persuade voters in Nebraska, here are a few thoughts:  Put large ads on key shared issues in newspapers--at the state level (Omaha World Herald) and the local level (Polk County newspaper + local libraries).  Use billboards along highways to carry key messages.  (The Christian right has billboards everywhere re: abortion.)  People read as they drive--and they drive a lot out there since everything is FAR away.  Put up flyers in small towns, spread the word at the local barber shop or grocery store, if there is one, and go have coffee at the coffee shop--listen to the gossip, hear what's happening/not happening that should be, and propose follow-up potlucks, church socials, or beer at the local "hot spot" to finish/continue the discussion.  Take a state representative or other elected official along; it would be helpful for them to hear about these issues, too.   How about taking coffee/kool-aid out to the field for a 5-minute introduction to the farmer in the field on a hot morning or afternoon?  


I hope I've made my point.  We do things differently in rural areas, even though we share many of the same goals with folks in urban areas.  If Democrats are to win this election, we need to get past the rhetoric of reaching out and begin sharing ideas one-to-one, and building into small groups.  Perhaps the speakers had this in mind last night and thought this was too much detail for their audience.  If not, the Democrats won't do much to advance our cause of moving rural areas from red to blue--and we're sunk. Ever onward from a Midwesterner at heart, and voting blue," DANA


"Living in Boston, MA in a blue state, I am not unaware that rural America exists and that Democrats have not served them well in terms of attention in large part. There are exceptions. But this viewpoint that those of us who live east of the Mississippi and north of the Mason-Dixon line don't care and are just the Elite East! needs to be debunked as much as possible. The best messengers aren't us, it is the friends and neighbors who know about the local issues in rural areas. Sending financial support is likely our best donation to the cause. I have paid attention to this, so I wasn't really surprised by the comments of the speakers." KERRY, Boston


"The events with the folks who are working on the ground are ALWAYS informative, inspiring, and amazing. The organizers have a detailed knowledge of the communities they serve, and their command of demographics and approaches are impressive. We have the best people on our side." BEVERLY, Jamaica Plain, MA

"It was inspiring to hear about the work that’s being done outside of the big cities. So encouraging to hear from these articulate and interesting activists." MAGGIE


...take aways from the Nancy Pelosi Event

"I agree that Nancy Pelosi is a wonderful spokesperson for the Democratic party. We need her out on the campaign trail articulating the progress our country has made these past 3 ½  years. We must get the message out ASAP – seems much of the country isn’t aware of the accomplishments of the Biden administration and Nancy can help get the messages out clearly." JEANNA, Lake Mary, FL

"As always, I found Nancy Pelosi highly informative. She is exceptionally insightful on both the strategic and tactical levels as we prepare for November elections. She provided hope the Democrats can prevail. I'm interested in learning more about hosting a virtual house party here in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  I'd most likely do so with fellow foreign service retirees who live here. MARK

"I echo Carol’s characterization of Nancy Pelosi. Her grasp of the information and strategic thinking were stunning.  Frankly, I had expected her to come across as more of a politician, that is, canned and impersonal.  Instead, she seemed genuine, open, frank, and even funny!  Pretty amazing!  It was a memorable hour. Thanks to you and FM for continuing to keep us organized and involved." DAVID, Long Beach, CA

"Force Multiplier events are always inspiring. Having Nancy Pelosi speak in an informal setting with such clarity, humanity, camaraderie and humor was delightful, much needed in these times." DIANA, Brookline, MA


"At 84, Nancy Pelosi is still a powerful leader! Her genuine warmth and good humor makes her personally accessible. And her energy, intellect and quick recall far surpasses the younger male presidential candidates. CHRISTINE, Milton, MA

"Hi. It was interesting and great to see the turnout and attention.  But - I feel I must have misunderstood the intent of the session’s description in the promotional materials.   I live in California and I didn’t  expect to hear Nancy provide her insights on policies of the Democratic Party.  I expected the session to be far more targeted on specifics of the win strategy for the House- with focus on why these 5 specific races are vulnerable & winnable. The session seemed rather generic, east coast oriented at best (no discussion of how the Party of candidates are addressing issues key to people in California that would translate to winning these races and ultimate national win of House by Democrats.

I need to know leaders are really dealing with the reality of this election and the apparent very luke warm interest of the electorate in Joe Biden. Hopefully there will be a session that actually deals realistically about strategy beyond fund raising and generalized phrases such as “ it’s for the children”.  Thanks." VANANN, California

"Nancy Pelosi. She is brilliant and it was wonderful! Great insights. I felt very fortunate to hear her!" IRENE

"Thank you and all your wonderful colleagues at FM for doing this great work--it was a treat to have Nancy Pelosi as the guest and to see the ads from the 5 candidates--they are most impressive.  And they give me hope.


Also, I had to leave about 15 minutes before the end of the hour--I needed to take a phone call.  So I am hoping that you raised the $125,000 for the 5 candidates. At some point, we all need to address the elephant in the room about the obscene amount of money that pours into these races.  And perhaps with a great Senate we can do so (and of course, get rid of the partisan SCOTUS .


So onto my thoughts:

1.  The questions posted in the chat room continue to reflect the angst of messaging and how to reach voters. And I share that angst. But here is my response to these questions/comments.  

I am sure that I am not the only one writing letters and postcards to help increase voting turnout; I know that I am supporting a lot of grassroot organizing groups--MVP is one of the funnels for that work.  And I head out to help with canvassing and texting banks. And I write letters to the editors of local papers and of course speak to as many people (particularly young ones) about the importance of voting. And then there are my postings on Facebook (the only social media platform that I use) as well as my work with local democratic town clubs. 


Everyone on these calls is a messenger--it's not just the candidates--we all have our jobs to do.  So it may be helpful to remind people of all the various avenues for civic engagement--up front when you are talking about the work of FM. We all need to be in the boat, rowing in the same direction.  


To help us with messaging:  I want the candidates to tell us what they plan on doing when they are elected. My questions to the candidates are: what are your 3 top priorities when we win the House, Senate and WH. That's the message we need to be taking to the voters.  


My other comment is this: in response to the endless questions about Gaza and Israel and how this may cause potential voters to stay home. First, the US under Biden is doing a masterful job of foreign diplomacy . They know all of the potential partners for getting movement in the mid-east.  And we don't run the country.  Our financial contributions to Israel are still small in comparison to Israel's national budget. And Israel will do what it wants--just as America will do what it wants.  

That doesn't mean that we are in favor of the starvation, famine, and death toll among the Palestinian population ( I wish there was the same outpouring of anger against Russia-).

But here is my answer--under the convicted felon, whose cabinet will be made up of other convicted felons, Americans stand to lose so many liberties and freedoms as well as the rising tide of economic improvement--and we will face a disastrous climate catastrophe.  So everyone of us needs to encourage people to make their concerns known--and they can do so in a democracy, AND THEY NEED TO MAKE SURE THAT EVERYONE UNDERSTANDS WHAT HAPPENS IF THEY DON'T VOTE.  


And one more question that I didin't get to ask Speaker Pelosi--how does she walk in those heels she always wears--that is, in itself, incredibly impressive." ANDREA


"Only when the last Tree has died & the last River been poisoned & the last Fish been caught, will we realize that we cannot eat money" -Cree Indian proverb-


"Loved the Zoom. She was amazing....most important thing to me were her saying that extolling what the Dems HAVE done is not the way to campaign. People want to know what they can do in the future. I have always thought that telling people the progress the Biden admin has made is important , I thought people knowing how effective the Biden admin had been would show have "nothing"  the orange man had been. She convinced me I was wrong and changed my thinking. Also explaining how important what FM does is one of the only ways for democracy to win is critical. Some people in the Brooksby group are pushing to support Biden with money.....they think FM is a good idea but the only way to gain back our rights is for Biden to win outright. While I would love that I know that is not the way in this election. So glad she reinforced that." SUSAN


"It was so fabulous to have Nancy Pelosi right in my living room explaining so many details of our current situation with clarity, humor and intelligence. This was such a personal experience! I felt empowered and supported by her and I’m so glad we raised that money for the California candidates!" DIANE, Natick, MA

"I enjoyed hearing from Nancy Pelosi and experienced a very human and authentic response to the challenges of this election.I particularly liked her framing this election to be “about the children”, “about the future”. Thank you for your wonderful work always. DEBBIE, Lexington, MA





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