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At Force Multiplier,
supporting voter empowerment groups is in our DNA.

We have developed a comprehensive plan to support efforts that assure that all Americans CAN + DO VOTE!


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an exciting new partnership between
Force Multiplier
+ America Votes

Support 35 grassroots groups in turning out the vote in 7 key midterm states!


Force Multiplier is thrilled to announce our partnership with America Votes Action Fund (AVAF), the state-based hub for progressive voter education and mobilization.


America Votes (AV) partners with hundreds of organizations, from major national groups like the AFL-CIO, Color of Change, EMILY’s List, League of Conservation Voters, Sierra Club, and Planned Parenthood to state and local community organizations of all sizes. 


They have created a data-informed strategic plan to most effectively engage voters in key states and win the Midterms. The pathway to victory is based on turning out  the voters who helped us win in 2018 and 2020. Mobilizing these "blue surge" voters and helping them vote under newly restrictive voting laws is key to winning in '22. 


The Blue Surge Turnout Fund will help fund 35 groups in the AVAF network There are  five groups in each of our target states (AZ, NV, WI, PA, NH, NC, GA). 
Learn more about them here.


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Register + Mobilize Rural + Small Town Voters in
5 key states

Educate + Register + Turnout voters in 5 key states

Fight Gerrymandering Unfair Maps

Fight Voter Suppression + Protect the Vote in Senate Battleground States


A special project for Force Multiplier
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Amplify New Hampshire is an independent communications hub whose mission is to hold state government officials accountable, advance critical issues, and support progressive causes and organizations across the state. 

This is the first voter empowerment money we'll be directing to NH this cycle and by focusing on one partner and we have an opportunity to make an impact. The kind of messaging work Amplify does will benefit not only our House and Senate candidates but all those down the ballot trying to regain control of the General Court .


Amplify's most recent campaign has been successful in highlighting the disconnect between Gov. Sununu’s moderate, bipartisan image and his support for radical right wing policies like the recent restrictions on abortion.


Amplify’s campaign helped bring Sununu's job approval rating to its lowest point ever –a rating that seemed impossible at the beginning of 2021 when his approval soared to over 75%.


Amplify will soon launch other accountability programs to keep the pressure on New Hampshire Republicans in the first and second quarters of the year. These early programs will fill a critical gap in New Hampshire's media landscape, and our support will help ensure success in the Granite State in ‘22.

This is what Voter Suppression Looks Like

In dozens of states, GOP-controlled lawmakers have passed a cut-and-paste menu of voting laws that selectively disadvantage the working poor, minorities, naturalized citizens, and young people. These include:


Enacting strict photo ID laws that exclude common forms of ID and add time and expense to the voting process


Placing burdensome requirements on voter registration drives


Eliminating same-day voter registration


Eliminating pre-registration programs for high school students 16 and over


Invalidating voter registration forms due to trivial clerical errors


Automatically purging eligible voters from the rolls


Making cuts to voting hours during evenings and weekends, thus creating long lines at the polls


Eliminating out-of-precinct voting


Closing or moving polling places that serve minority communities and students


Attempting to block vote recounts in very tight races