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At Force Multiplier we believe in
the power of people talking to people.

We’re always asking you to spread the word + talk to people in your life about supporting our Democratic candidates. We thought that it might be helpful to give you some positive talking points to aid in your conversations.

So tell somebody!

We're all story-telling creatures + the best way to communicate with others is creating a storyline. Consider this tried + true structure for effective political storytelling.

Start with shared VALUES...Introduce the VILLIANS...Close with the VISION

And always listen to the concerns of others 
speak from your heart.

You can learn a lot by listening + shape your story to have more impact.

Talk on!

Let's talk about the

talking points

climate change

brought into focus

talking points


Lots to say about

talking points

Shooting Target

Discuss the facts on

talking points


Pushing harder for 
civil rights

talking points

just one capital copy.jpg

Good news on 
political trends

polling + media

talking points

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