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Our 2023 Early Money House Slate

In order to win back the House we need to defend the seats we won in 2022 flip five more.


Our first slate includes 13 incumbents whose seats we most need to defend:

those who won by narrow margins in 2022 and have low cash on hand.

  • All 13 have been targeted by the National Republican Congressional Campaign Committee.

  • All 13 have also been picked by The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee as “Frontliners,” the House members who are projected to be in the most competitive races.

CLICK on photos for more information on each candidate
+ to donate to an individual candidate

Other Democratic candidates that we have supported this cycle:

Steven Horsford,  Nevada 04, click here to support

Pat Ryan, New York 18, click here to support

Thank you for your generous support.

In order to protect our democracy + our rights, we need to win a Democratic Majority in the House in 2024. The House members on our slate all won their races by less than 6%, 3 of them in districts won by Trump in 2020. To win these tight races, they spent what they raised + were left with little cash on hand. They will be some of the most vulnerable House members in 2024. They need resources now to hire staff, discourage Republican challengers + counter right wing messaging. Our early support will enable them to do that.

"We're SO GRATEFUL  for Force Multiplier’s investment in our campaign.
Their grassroots network of supporters is well informed, highly organized, and a pleasure to work with. Force Multiplier is a force to be reckoned with!" 


"Force Multiplier is a true example of a small group of committed citizens CHANGING THE WORLD. Their dedication to electing Democrats is unwavering, and their support has made a real impact in my campaign. In these unprecedented circumstances, I'm so proud to have the support of Force Multiplier as we work to keep PA-07 blue together."


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