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Flip the House in 2024

In order to win a Democratic majority in the House

we need a net gain of five seats.

Our Flip the House Slate includes 19 candidates in the most competitive races.

8 are candidates running for the seats we most need to defend.

11 are candidates running for the seats we have the best opportunity to flip. 

Our research tells us that these are the races where our donations

can make the most impact this cycle.


  • The incumbents are all Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee “Frontliners,” House members who are projected to be in the most competitive races.

  • They are all also on the National Republican Congressional Campaign Committee's "Target List", Democratic House members they consider the most vulnerable.

  • The challengers are all on the DCCC's "Red to Blue" list of candidates who are considered to have the best opportunity to defeat a Republican incumbent.

CLICK on photos for more information on each candidate
+ to donate to an individual candidate

We do the research so you don't have to.


Occasionally our research shows us that we need to make changes to our slates to assure that your donations are going to where they can have the most impact. We do however want to make it possible for you to donate to candidates that we have taken off our slates. Their races are still very competitive and worthy of your support.

Susie Lee, Nevada 03, her bio DONATE

Frank Mrvan, Indiana 01, his bio DONATE

Eric Sorensen, Illinois 17, his bio DONATE

Andrea Salinas, Oregon 06, her bio DONATE

Emilia Sykes, Ohio 13, her bio DONATE

Marcy Kaptur, Ohio 09, her bio DONATE

Chris Deluzio, Pennsylvania 17, his bio DONATE

Thank you for your generous support.

"We're SO GRATEFUL  for Force Multiplier’s investment in our campaign.
Their grassroots network of supporters is well informed, highly organized, and a pleasure to work with. Force Multiplier is a force to be reckoned with!" 


"Force Multiplier is a true example of a small group of committed citizens CHANGING THE WORLD. Their dedication to electing Democrats is unwavering, and their support has made a real impact in my campaign. In these unprecedented circumstances, I'm so proud to have the support of Force Multiplier as we work to keep PA-07 blue together."


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