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Francis Canole

New York 22


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“I’ve spent my life taking an oath to the Constitution and we now have voting rights being taken away in states across the country.” As a leader, Conole says he listens to both his constituents and his team, even when not everyone agrees. “I think that is a key component of leadership — taking care of your people is the most important thing you can do as a leader, because your people are central to the mission.”  (Z. Freer-Hessler, The Ithaca Voice, 4/25/22)


“We are running against an anti-abortion extremist who wants to outlaw abortion in New York.”  (Twitter, 9/1/22)




Francis Conole is a fourth-generation central New Yorker, U.S. Naval Academy graduate, Iraq War Veteran, and Defense Secretary Policy Advisor who has dedicated his life to service and sacrifice. He is a true national security expert.


Following his military deployments, Conole served in the Office of Naval Intelligence. He earned an MBA from University of Maryland and an MA in National Security Studies from the Naval War College. He was policy advisor to Secretaries of Defense Ash Carter and Jim Mattis and advised U.S. Defense Policy for Jordan, Lebanon and Israel. As a result he received the Defense Meritorious Service medal.

Recently, Conole stood with his community through the pandemic and in the fight for justice in serving as the Syracuse City Chair of the Onondaga County Committee. In addition, he has supported the Navy’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Conole currently serves as a Commander in the Navy Reserves where he was recently selected for promotion to Captain. He has a proven record of solving problems in the most unique and challenging circumstances.



Conole’s campaign website identifies several issues – each supported by detailed policy proposals - defining his legislative priorities for serving the needs of his constituents. He supports choice and women’s health and equality, campaign finance reform, investing in the 21st Century economy for rural and central New York,  a science-based approach to addressing climate change, confronting racism and investing in black and brown communities, addressing the opioid crisis, and access to universal  health care and affordable prescription drugs.



With a Republican retiring, NY 22 is a top pick-up opportunity for Democrats. The former district was one of fifteen 2020 districts that were carried by Biden but were held by Republican representatives. After this year’s redistricting process, the newly drawn Syracuse-based NY 22 is rated Biden +7.


Conole’s opponent is insurgent Brandon Williams who easily defeated the favored Republican Wells by 16 points in this August’s primary. Both candidates received outside support from the Republican Congressional Leadership Fund. Conole, on the other hand, won a hard-fought primary over three opponents by 4%.


Given his prior run for Congress in 2020 and a hard-fought primary win, he is battle-tested.


Williams is a Navy veteran and former Silicon Valley Tech Executive with no prior political experience. He is campaigning as a political outsider defining this race as “political establishment against everyone else; elite establishment against everyone else.”


Williams presents as a traditional conservative not touting MAGA/Big Lie rhetoric. He is against COVID mandates, against any WOKE agenda; for reducing government spending and addressing inflation. His is anti-choice and pro 2nd amendment and sees Biden as mentally unfit for office.




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 25 current and former local elected officials

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