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“I became a national security and terrorism prosecutor because of 9-11. I wanted to help keep America safe. Public service has been my calling, and when I go to Washington, my constituents will be my #1 priority.”

“Today, our politics are too often dominated by extremism. Fringe politicians wake up each day plotting how to get the most clicks online, the most cable news segments, and the most dollars raised — no matter the implications on public policy or how your family might be affected. It’s dangerous and it’s led to various forms of extremism, including insurrections, mass shootings, targeted acts of hate, and perpetually bad policy agendas.” (Rollins website)

“Americans need to start working together to tackle the big issues of our generation: including improving access to affordable health care, protecting women’s reproductive rights, bringing down costs for hard working Californians, protecting our planet and rooting out corruption in Washington.” (Rollins website)


Will Rollins is a former federal prosecutor who focused on counterterrorism + counterintelligence cases in Southern California. He is from a family of Republicans + Democrats with deep roots in Southern California.

His grandparents met while serving together during World War II, moved to Southern California + started a small business that still operates today, manufacturing parts for fighter jets commercial aircraft.

After attending Dartmouth College Columbia Law School, Rollins clerked for two federal judges in California. After 9/11 when being gay was a crime in some states, he considered enlisting in the military but did not want to be outed or discharged under "Don't Ask, Don't Tell." Instead, Rollins began tackling injustice as an Assistant US Attorney, prosecuting white-collar criminals, including a Ponzi scheme organizer who defrauded dozens of seniors a corrupt physician who sold opiates for cash.

Rollins later joined the Terrorism + Export Crimes Section of the National Security Division, where he prosecuted an electrical engineer for conspiring to send microchips with missile guidance applications to China, Iranian nationals for violating US sanctions on Tehran, a reported QAnon follower for an attack at the Port of Los Angeles + some of the insurrectionists who attacked the U.S. Capitol on January 6th.



Redistricted in 2022, CA 41 is currently held by Republican Ken Calvert who defeated Will Rollins by 4.6 %. Calvert has served in Congress since 1992, having represented CA 42 before redistricting. He is the dean of the California Republican delegation. 

CA 41 is in Riverside County includes all or some of Palm Springs, Rancho Mirage, Corona, Menifee + other cities.  The district now contains the heavily Democratic cities of Palm Springs + Palm Desert, along with the swing city of Corona. It also encompasses conservative areas in western Riverside County, like Norco, Lake Elsinore, Menifee, Wildomar + Calimesa. It is considered a swing district + is rated "Toss Up" by the Cook Political Report + “Lean R” by Sabato’s Crystal Ball.

Democrats will probably need a net gain of four seats to gain control of the House of Representatives + California offers multiple opportunities to make such gains. There are competitive House races in CA 13, 22, 27, 40, 41, 46, 47, 49 in addition to what is likely to be a competitive Senate race to replace the deceased Diane Feinstein. CA 41 is seen as one of the best opportunities nationwide for a Democrat pickup in the ‘24 election cycle. As recently as March of ‘22, Republicans held a slim voter registration advantage in the district. More recently, this advantage has shifted to Democrats as CA 41 trends “more blue.” 

In 2016, Trump won this district by 4%. In 2020 he won it by 1%. It is highly likely that CA 41 will emerge as a Biden district in 2024 given trendlines. This bodes well for Rollins.


Will helped to prosecute those who attacked the U.S. Capitol on January 6th  + QAnon conspiracy theorists + his website states he is running for Congress to root out the extremism in our politics + help get our government back towards delivering results to help working families.


"Americans need to start working together to tackle the big issues of our generation, including improving access to affordable health care, protecting women's reproductive rights, bringing down costs for hard-working Californians, protecting our planet + rooting out corruption in Washington.

Prioritize legislation that supports seniors in Riverside County.

  • Strengthen retirement income security by increasing Social Security benefits for all beneficiaries. Reduce prescription drug costs for seniors by protecting the ability of Medicare to negotiate for lower prices + expand that ability to more drugs. Lower the Medicare eligibility age expand Medicare and Medicaid home benefits.

  • Hold corporate nursing homes accountable to ensure our seniors get quality care.

Protecting Abortion Rights

  • Will believes in equality + reproductive freedom for everyone + wants to pass legislation restoring Roe v. Wade into law at the federal level.

    Will Rollins has several detailed policy positions on critical issues, all of which are detailed on his campaign website. These include policy positions for the following:

  • +Fighting for seniors including legislation to support seniors in Riverside Co.

  • +Protecting abortion Rights supporting equality and reproductive freedom.

  • +Funding for transportation and infrastructure.

  • +Protect democracy and create accountability for disinformation.

  • +Lowering taxes and costs on working families

  • +Taking action on climate change, water resources and the environment.

  • +Expanding access to affordable healthcare.

  • +Improving public education.

  • +Securing LGBTQ rights and equality.

  • +Reforming immigration

  • +Safeguarding voting rights.

  • +Preventing gun violence.

  • +Protecting public safety and investing in criminal justice reform.

  • +Stepping up for veterans and service members.

  • +Championing campaign finance reform


California's 41st congressional district represents a portion of Riverside County, containing most of the western part of the Palm Springs area except for Cathedral City, commuter towns in the Greater Los Angeles area + exurban + rural areas in South-Western Riverside County. The district currently includes the cities of Palm Springs, Menifee, Calimesa, Norco, Lake Elsinore, Wildomar, Rancho Mirage, Palm Desert, Indian Wells, La Quinta most of Corona. The representative for the 41st is Ken Calvert, who was redistricted from the 42nd district. Calvert has served as a Congressman from CA since 1993.

In 2020, Trump won by a slight margin of +1.1 + Will Rollins lost to Ken Calvert in 2022 by 4.6%. The district now contains the heavily Democratic cities of Palm Springs + Palm Desert, along with the swing city of Corona + conservative areas in western Riverside County, such as Norco, Lake Elsinore, Menifee, Wildomar, Calimesa. 

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