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Let's ensure all Americans CAN + DO VOTE!

State Parties are doing important work in 2024.


Wisconsin Democratic Party

Under the leadership of WisDems Chair Ben Wikler, Wisconsin has shifted from a Scott Walker Republican controlled state to voting for Biden/Harris in 2020 (11,000+ margin), flipping its Supreme Court to Democratic control in 2023 + redistricting state legislative districts in 2024, moving from grossly gerrymandered districts to ones considered among the most fair in the country. They’ve done it by organizing every county in the state, increasing margins in rural communities, small cities + suburban areas while increasing youth turnout. Now they’re looking to convert the many new voters who turned out for Supreme Court Justice Janet Protaciewicz into base Democratic voters. Federal elections in Wisconsin are usually won by <1%. Let’s support WisDems for its own work + also for its efforts to help other states like North Carolina + Arizona replicate its model.


Michigan Democratic Party 

Under the leadership of Chair Lavora Barnes, the first Black + second woman elected to the post, and following the shocking loss of Michigan to Trump in 2016, the Michigan Democratic Party implemented a year-round, full-time organizing strategy called Project 83. Named for Michigan’s 83 counties it led to a full sweep of statewide partisan offices in 2018. In 2020 they returned the state to Michigan Blue for Biden + again swept statewide partisan offices + defended all of Michigan’s congressional seats. In 2022 they again won every statewide partisan office. In 2024 Michigan faces perhaps the greatest challenge in the country holding together its winning coalition. MI Dems are leading a listening tour in the homes + mosques + community centers of voters who feel betrayed, ignored, or just unenthusiastic. Offering empathy, accurate information + a path to common ground, Chair Barnes’ mantra is ‘Trump is not the answer.’ We need to have the back of this experienced, skilled leader.


Arizona Democratic Party

Long a stalwart Republican bastion, Arizona was home to Barry Goldwater + John McCain. Little attention or resources were given to building the Arizona Democratic Party infrastructure. As demographics changed in recent years, Arizona has now elected a Democratic Governor, Attorney General + two Senators. AZDems is now building long-term capacity centered on expanding the base + nviting them into a ‘big tent’. New AZDems Chair Yolanda Bejarano is focused on building relationships with communities of color - including Latino, Indigenous + Black Arizonans - and continuing to develop the leaders of tomorrow. The recent draconian state Supreme Court ruling turning women’s healthcare back to 1864 provides yet another platform for securing a Democratic future. Let’s secure Arizona Blue.

North Carolina Democratic Party

Dynamic, young North Carolina Democratic Party Chair Anderson Clayton launched an organizing program, Building Blue, to build the community coalitions that will flip North Carolina blue. Biden/Harris lost North Carolina by only 1.4% in 2020 (closest loss that year) + yet registered Democrats outnumber Republicans by 141,000. There’s a turnout deficit + Building Blue aims to close it by:

  • Installing paid regional organizing Directors to lead an increase in direct, face-to-face voter contact

  • Expanding training for grassroots activists, local party leaders + candidates

  • Turning low propensity voters into base voters including young voters

  • Expanding outreach in rural North Carolina

Targeted mobilization of the base in locations such as Northeastern North Carolina, Charlotte + greater Mecklenburg County + smaller cities such as Winston-Salem, Guilford + Asheville could increase turnout by 2% + provide a clear path to victory. We can help turn North Carolina into the next Blue state.


Your contributions will support this important work.

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