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 Defend Our Senate Majority! 

We need a Democratic Majority to rebalance the Supreme Court

and ensure qualified judicial nominees who do not represent special interest groups.

  • The Democrats currently have a narrow 51-49 majority.

  • 33 seats are on the ballot in 2024, 20 are held by Democrats, 10 by Republicans, 3 by Independents who caucus with Democrats.

  • The Republican seats are all safe. 8 of the Democratic and Independent seats are not.

  • To keep our majority, we need to defend every one of these seats 

  • The 6 Senators on the Force Multiplier slate are from states where recent Senate races have been decided by narrow margins. 

  • 2 of them are from states won by Trump in 2016 and 2020. 

  • They need resources now to hire staff, discourage Republican challengers + counter right wing messaging


The Force Multiplier 2023 Senate Slate

Thank you for your generous support.

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