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"My parents were Vietnamese refugees who worked hard and sacrificed so that I could realize the American Dream.” 

“I joined the Army to give back to the country that has given me so much, and every day as a consumer rights attorney, I fight for workers across the 45th District — holding bad actors accountable and ensuring that individuals, not special interests, get the justice they deserve. As a proud small business owner of a neighborhood pharmacy, I see the influence of big pharmaceutical companies and the impact their price gouging has on seniors and families in our community. I’m running for Congress because Michelle Steel has time and time again sided with her special interests donors instead of the voters of the 45th District. I’m ready to put people ahead of politics, protect our democracy, and ensure everyone, no matter what neighborhood they come from, has the opportunity to succeed without fear of their freedoms being taken away.” (From Tran’s campaign announcement)



Tran is the son of refugees who fled the Communist regime in Vietnam, arriving in Southern California with the Vietnamese Boat People who sought freedom, opportunity + safety in America. Through hard work + sacrifice, Derek’s parents opened a corner grocery where he worked every day after school.

Enlisting in the Army at the age of 18, Derek wanted to give back to the country that had given his family so much. He went to law school to uphold the liberties, individual rights + rule of law that his parents sought in America. Turning down high paying jobs in corporate law, Derek chose to open his small pharmacy business in Orange County + fight for immigrants, workers, survivors of sexual harassment + consumers.

Derek + his wife Michelle, a pharmacist who grew up in Garden Grove, run a brick + mortar pharmacy in Orange County. They have three children attending Orange County public schools. Derek is on the board of Consumers of Attorneys of California mentors at-risk youth at Sunburst Academy, located at Joint Forces Training Base Los Alamitos where Derek served.



In deep-blue California,  Tran’s opponent, incumbent Michelle Steel flipped the formerly Democratic CA-45 2020. She was reelected in‘22. Biden won the district  by 6. 2points in ‘20 + Steel won the seat in ‘22 by  4.8. 



Tran will stand up for women + women’s rights in Congress. As the father of a young daughter, he is 100% pro-choice + will stand strong to protect funding for Planned Parenthood + access to critical women’s health services like birth control + cancer screenings.


Standing up to Trump + MAGA

With our democracy under threat from Trump + his MAGA allies, Tran will defend our rights + values. He will fight back against extremists who want to cut Social Security + Medicare + take away women’s right to choose. He will work to strengthen voting rights for every American + defend our free + fair elections from Trump + MAGA Republicans who want to overturn our democracy.


  • Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee, Red to Blue

  • House of Representative leadership including about 30 members of Congress + the California legislature
    Political advocacy organizations including:

  • Consumer Attorneys of America PAC

  • Asian American Action Fund


  • California Environmental Voters

  • California Federation of Teachers

  • Democrats Serve

  • Equality California

  • Jewish Democratic Council of America

  • J Street PAC

  • LA/OC Building Trades Council

  • League of Conservation Voters

  • Moms Demand Action, Gun Safety Candidate Distinction

  • National Union of Healthcare Workers

  • New Democrat Coalition Acton Fund

  • New Politics

  • Orange County Labor Federation

  • Planned Parenthood Action Fund

  • Reproductive Freedom for ALL

  • SEIU  West

  • Serve America PAC

  • Tomorrow’s Jobs

  • Truth to Power

  • Unite Here!

  • VoteVets


These endorsements include these comments:

“As a consumer rights attorney, Derek has fought for survivors of sexual harassment and workers who have been discriminated against by corporations. I am proud to work with him to address the man challenge Californians faced like protecting chioce, tackling gun violence, and protecting our democracy.” Rep. Zoe Lofgren (CA 18)


“Derek’s deep patriotism and commitment to his community and country isexactly what we need more of in Congress. We know he’ll fight to protect our rights and freedoms, while always looking out for his fellow veterans. We’re proud toendorse him.” Travis Tazelaar, Political Director, VoteVets PAC

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