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“A commitment to populist economics and fair trade isn’t just compatible with a commitment to social justice—the two naturally go together. One need only read Martin Luther King’s dozens of speeches to unions, and ponder what he was doing when he was killed, to remember the deep connection between workers’ rights and civil rights. A relentless focus on populist economics wins out over Republicans’ manufactured culture war.”   (Oped in The American Prospect)

“It is unacceptable that someone can work full time - and work hard - and not be able to lift themselves out of poverty.” 


Sherrod Brown is a graduate of Yale University + holds Master's Degrees from Ohio State University in Public Administration + Education.


Brown has held public office for 48 years:

  • Ohio State Rep 1975-1982

  • Ohio Secretary of State 1983-1991; 

  • US Representative 1993-2007

  • US Senator 2007-present


One of Senator Brown’s guiding  principles is the dignity of work, which  was inspired by the work + writings of Dr. King, who said that “all labor has dignity.” 

He has worked to raise wages + benefits, lower healthcare costs + ensure everyone can retire with dignity + security. He refused to accept congressional healthcare for himself until Congress passed the Affordable Care Act. Throughout his career, Brown has battled against tax + trade policies that put corporate profits ahead of workers + families + sent jobs + supply chains overseas. He has been a consistent champion of social + economic justice who supported marriage equality for 25 years + voted against both the Iraq War and NAFTA.



Ohio is the seventh most populous state in the union and has the fourth  largest rural population. Once considered a swing state, Ohio twice voted for Trump, by margins of 16 + 20%. 


Ohio has a Republican trifecta + a Republican triplex: The Republican Party controls the offices of governor, secretary of state, attorney general + both chambers of the state legislature. Its other senator + 10 of its 15 congresspeople are Republicans. Sen. Brown is its only statewide Democratic official.


Although  Brown won his last election by 6.8%, the 2022 Senatorial election was won by 6.6% by Republican JD Vance. Ohio now has a PVI (Partisan Voting Index) of R+2. Sen. Brown is one of three Democratic Senators up for reelection in 2024 in states won by Trump.



  • Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs, Chair 

  • Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry;

  • Committee on Finance 

  • Committee on Veterans' Affairs

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