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Let's ensure all Americans CAN + DO VOTE!

an exciting new partnership between
Force Multiplier
+ America Votes



Force Multiplier is thrilled to announce our partnership with America Votes Action Fund (AVAF), the state-based hub for progressive voter education and mobilization.


America Votes (AV) partners with hundreds of organizations, from major national groups like the AFL-CIO, Color of Change, EMILY’s List, League of Conservation Voters, Sierra Club, and Planned Parenthood to state and local community organizations of all sizes. 


They have created a data-informed strategic plan to most effectively engage voters in key states and win the Midterms. The pathway to victory is based on turning out  the voters who helped us win in 2018 and 2020. Mobilizing these "blue surge" voters and helping them vote under newly restrictive voting laws is key to winning in '22. 


The Blue Surge Turnout Fund will help fund 35 groups in the AVAF network There are  five groups in each of our target states (AZ, NV, WI, PA, NH, NC, GA). 


Let's get behind our hardworking grassroots group!


  • CASE Action: CASE organizes central Arizona communities to fight for economic justice and protect voting rights through electing champions up and down the ballot. In 2020, the largest single field-campaign in state history to turn Arizona blue and plan to continue to build upon that work in 2022.

  • Living United for Change in Arizona (LUCHA): LUCHA organizes Arizona’s low- and moderate-income and minority families to take action on the issues most important to them and advance the cause of social and economic justice for all. In 2022 they are focused on holding on to pro-democracy victories and working to elect Democrats up and down the ballot.

  • Our Voice Our Vote (OVOV): OVOV believes that for our state and nation to have progressive change we must build and maintain political power. Our Voice Our Vote Arizona is committed to doing this by protecting access to the ballot box, fighting against any attempts at voter suppression, engaging our community and making sure we strategically collaborate to tackle our states most pressing issues.

  • Rural Arizona Action: Rural Arizona Action seeks to create more equitable and just systems through advocacy, accountability, and leadership training in rural Arizonan communities. They work to organize their communities to address their most pressing issues at the ballot box and through the legislative process.

  • AANPHI Action: A newly formed c4, that is working under the sponsorship of the Arizona Wins table, The Arizona Asian American Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander Action Coalition works to include AANHPI and other marginalized communities in important political and community decision making processes. They will build upon successful c3 organizing efforts to combat vaccine disinformation and fight for fair representation to educate and motivate the AANPHI community to vote for pro-democracy candidates this election.


  • Asian American Advocacy Fund: The Asian American Advocacy Fund is a grassroots 501(c)4 social welfare organization dedicated to building a politically-conscious, engaged, and progressive Asian American base in Georgia. Their mission is to advocate for the civil and human rights of Asian Americans, Pacific Islanders, and Native Hawaiians in Georgia. Through a combination of policy advocacy at local, state, and federal levels, and by supporting candidates that believe in our values, we fight to create a better Georgia for us all.

  • Black Male Voter Project: The Black Male Voter projects goal is to increase Black men’s participation in electoral politics by centering their issues and not specific candidates and create more Black male super voters. Major programs to educate and motivate voters include Brother’s Be Voting roundtable discussions, The John Lewis Project, Black Men and the Climate.

  • Care in Action: Care in Action seeks to create a home for women of color – especially domestic workers – to build the civic power of this critical segment of our electorate, protect our democracy, and win progress toward a new vision for equity and justice for the future. They are committed to strategic, state-based organizing; increasing voter access; and building lasting progressive power in communities across the US. They aim to create a loop between winning at the ballot box and winning policy that changes the conditions of our lives and work -- endorsing and electing care champions and pushing for policies that deliver visible progress to encourage voters to stay engaged and involved in our democracy.

  • Mijente: Mijente works in partnership with Latinx civic engagement groups across Georgia to educate and motivate Latinx voters to the ballot. In 2020 they utilized text and digital organizing to reach voters in the metro Atlanta area and help turn Georgia blue. THey plan to build upon those efforts in 2022.

  • We Vote We Win: We Vote. We Win. is the c4 partner organization of Georgia Stand-UP, a think and act tank for working communities with a rich history of helping to build progressive power and create civic infrastructure in Georgia.  The mission of We Vote. We Win. is to advocate for policies that reduce inequality, increase minority representation, and generate power for marginalized communities by increasing voter turn out through education, civic engagement, leadership development and direct action.

  • Make It Work Nevada: Make It Work Nevada is building Black political power in Nevada. Their mission is to transform the landscape of their communities through advocacy and education to support the health and vitality of Black families. They do this through authentic and intentional relationship building with those directly impacted by economic, environmental, racial and reproductive injustice. Their central goal is to measurably improve the lives of Black women, Black families and other families of color through public policy and sustained civic engagement and political influence at the ballot box.

  • One APIA Nevada: One APIA Nevada (OAN) is a 501(c)(4) and a state/federal PACs created by Nevadans to build and grow a long-term grassroots progressive organizing infrastructure in the Asian & Pacific Islander American (APIA) community. OAN aims to engage in issue education, direct voter contact and voter, recruit and support candidates who are champions of issues of importance to the APIA community in Nevada, and coordinate electoral work of local and national organizations in-state.

  • Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada Action (PLAN Action): PLAN Action engages in year round community and issue based programs. The PLAN Action message, community action, and sustained relationship-building leads their campaign to engage: Low Income voters, historically disengaged voters, communities of color including Tribal outreach, new voters, and new Americans. Their 2022 Electoral Program can authentically engage in “non traditional”, high potential, voting communities with comprehensive organizing programs in Clark, Washoe, Humboldt, Mineral, and Elko counties.

  • Somos Votantes: Somos Votantes is a Latina led organization dedicated to empowering Latinx people – we do this directly in our work and by engaging Latinx consultants, vendors and partners. To build on the success of 2020, Somos is currently expand their operations to establish themselves in Nevada – including permanent staff capacity as well as field and communications operations. In line with our mission. Their Nevada program will focus on engagement of Hispanic & Latino communities and voters with a particular emphasis on voter education, persuasion, and mobilization.

  • UNITE HERE Action Fund: UNITE Here has one the largest memberships in Nevada, primarily composed of BIPOC members. The Local 226 has a proven outreach effort in canvassing and messaging. Their ongoing outreach has led to  victories in Southern Nevada, both electoral and policy-wise, for BIPOC communities.


  • America Votes-New Hampshire: America Votes-New Hampshire continues to transform the way progressives work together in-state, from large-scale voter engagement campaigns to election administration reform and broader issue advocacy.  More specifically, they bring together partners as a year-round coalition to build strategic civic engagement plans designed to engage, educate and mobilize voters, establishing shared strategic imperatives, target universes and goals across tactics, issues and geographies.

  • Family Friendly Action Fund: The Family Friendly Action Fund is focused on improving social welfare by educating and urging the public to support or oppose policies related to economic justice for working families. They support the work of the c4 programmatic components of the Campaign for a Family Friendly Economy programs in all of our states which include – New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

  • Granite State Organizing Project: GSOP unites religious, labor, and community groups to address issues and shape decisions that will positively affect quality of life in our communities. They work to ensure all people have the ability  to participate in democracy and  to participate in decisions about their communities, including through educating and motivating people to make their voices heard at the ballot box.

  • NextGen: NextGen America (NGA) mobilizes young people to vote in crucial elections to make progress on the issues facing our generation. They coordinate with other youth-focused organizations to build robust education and mobilization programs across the state. Their work will be crucial to success in New Hampshire in 2022.


  • A Philip Randolph Educational Fund: North Carolina A. Philip Randolph Educational Fund, Inc. (NCAPREF) is organized to develop and advocate for legislation, regulations, and government programs to improve the quality of life for economically disadvantaged families. NCAPREF intends to develop technical and policy solutions for the growing problems of voter disenfranchisement and lack of voter participation. Their strategy includes supporting campaigns to eliminate or reduce voter suppression and to continue building an electoral powerbase within historically disenfranchised communities.

  • New Rural Project: New Rural Project  engages young and marginalized residents in rural communities to amplify their voices through increased civic and electoral engagement. NRP works to eliminate barriers to engagement by listening to rural stakeholders and working together to develop community-driven solutions. Their work in rural areas is key to shifting North Carolina’s electorate and impact at the ballot box.

  • New North Carolina Project: It is our mission to make politics represent the needs of North Carolinians by investing in communities of color, expanding the engaged electorate, and creating voters for life. Their primary focus will be to increase voter turnout with Black and Brown voters, enhance voter engagement for Black and Brown voters, partner with C4 organizations, advocate for progressive issues, engage in partnerships to support, and elect pro voting rights progressive leaders.

  • Poder NC Action: Poder does civic and leadership development with Latinxs who share their progressive values. They also educate the public about Latinx issues and independently support candidates. They contribute to advancing progressive policies, winning elections, and protecting every American’s right to vote by investing meaningfully and building long-term, non-transactional relationships with the Latinx community in North Carolina.

  • Siembra NC: Siembra NC was born out of Trump's war on immigrants and the organizing gap in the state. They are a grassroots organization that focuses on defending their communities from ICE, abusive employers and landlords, and bad politicians.  Siembra is a year-round political home for Latinx, working-class families- that believes that in order to see real change in North Carolina they need to be part of shaping who is representing us and making decisions that impact us all. In 2020, in partnership with Mijente, Siembra NC ran the biggest Latinx voter registration program in the state's history and they plan to continue to build upon that success.


  • Action Together NEPA: Action Together NEPA is a 501(c)(4) organization with hundreds of members and chapters in six counties in Northeastern Pennsylvania: Luzerne, Lackawanna, Columbia/Montour, Susquehanna, and Wayne. Their organization is a proven progressive leader with the potential to mobilize thousands of individuals and lead them in collective action. Their mission is centered on both electoral work and community education, with a focus on establishing a permanent progressive infrastructure in Northeastern PA and sustained messaging to inform residents how local, state, and federal policies can have immediate and long term effects on their day to day lives.

  • Asian Pacific Islander Political Alliance: The Asian Pacific Islander Political Alliance (API PA) exists to build long-term power for APIs in Pennsylvania, by coordinating political, electoral, and legislative work to hold our elected officials accountable, engaging in culturally competent and linguistically accessible direct voter contact with our communities, and building solidarity with other aligned communities of color across the state.

  • Make the Road Action: Make the Road Action in Pennsylvania builds community power to fight for justice in Latinx and immigrant communities and working-class communities of color. After sustained growth over the last few election cycles, in 2020 they ran one of Pennsylvania’s largest voter engagement programs, calling over 2 million and texting over 1 million Pennsylvanians. They successfully expanded their infrastructure in 2020 and maintained it in 2021, to provide them a strong base to ensure a more progressive future for the state.

  • Pennsylvania United: Pennsylvania United is a coalition of community, labor, and environmental organizations that works to build power for working class communities around issues and politics in Western PA. They have invested substantial resources to rebuild permanent organizing and electoral infrastructure in critical counties in Western PA. All of the resources invested in building this capacity during 2017, 2018, and 2019 were leveraged to flip PA in 2020. PA United remains committed to continuing to play a critical role in Western PA to both flip a large number of state level seats and win statewide elections in 2022, as well as play a key role in redistricting, to win the political power working class communities need to fundamentally transform our state.

  • Working Families Organization: Working Families Power seeks to organize a multi-racial working class movement and address critical gaps in progressive infrastructure, political education, and leadership development to match the scale of crises we face.


  • Citizen Action Wisconsin: Citizen Action of Wisconsin organizes people to make Wisconsin a better place to live and work. Citizen Action employs an integrated strategy of grassroots organizing, public education, earned media, professional research, voter engagement, and political lobbying to advance progressive values and shape the public and political debate around health care, economic development, racial justice and consumer protection. Every year, Citizen Action generates hundreds of media stories, mobilizes thousands of citizens to participate in political advocacy, and engages hundreds of thousands of voters.

  • Leaders Igniting Transformation Action Fund (LIT AF): Leaders Igniting Transformation (LIT) engages in values-based issue relational and electoral organizing, direct action, advocacy for public policy, and leadership development. In campuses and communities in Milwaukee’s key neighborhoods, we organize young people to build independent political power for social, racial and economic justice. LIT  believes progressive grassroots political power is most effectively built with a two-pronged strategy – growing resilience and excellence of youth of color, and engaging youth in a full spectrum of year-round civic engagement.

  • Voces de la Frontera Action (VDLF Action): The mission of Voces de la Frontera Action, Inc. (VFA) is to educate low-wage and immigrant workers about their employment rights, develop youth leadership, promote community organizing, legislative education and advocacy and electoral activism in order to achieve policy changes that benefit the immigrant community and the workforce at large. Voces de la Frontera Action is Wisconsin’s leading state-wide immigrant rights organization. They are a critical part of the Wisconsin voter engagement ecosystem in its unique ability to engage hard to reach new and infrequent Latinx and youth voters which are critical for state-wide and local elections.

  • WISDOM Action Network (WAN): The WISDOM Action Network (WAN) is set up to educate people about the issues that impact their communities. These include work to end mass incarceration in Wisconsin, to defend the civil rights of immigrants, to promote greater access to public transportation, and other issues that derive from WISDOM's mission to address racial and economic inequity. WAN is especially committed to engaging justice-impacted people, immigrant families and other "marginalized" communities in the democratic process.  Our goal is to expand the electorate, especially among those who have been discouraged from participation in the past. WAN organizes door-to-door outreach, digital outreach and more to educate people and to invite participation.

  • Women Effect Action Fund (WEAF): As part of The Family Friendly Action Fund network, WEAF is focused on improving social welfare by educating and urging the public to support or oppose policies related to economic justice for working families. They support the work of the c4 programmatic components of the Campaign for a Family Friendly Economy programs in all of our states which include – New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.


Your contributions will support this important work.

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