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Support the Rural Victory Fund


Nine states are key to Democratic control of the Senate and White House in 2024. Thirty-eight percent of voters in these states live in rural areas, small towns, cities of less than 50,000. In states where the margin of victory is often just 1-2%, Democrats are currently getting 30-40% of this rural and small town vote. Connecting with these voters enables us to build strength in rural America and win elections.

Force Multiplier is again partnering with the Rural Democracy Initiative to support the groups engaged in the essential work of organizing rural voters. 

Our 2024 Rural Victory Fund supports a slate of C4 groups mobilizing rural and small town voters in five of our target states. 

MICHIGAN: We the People Michigan

​We the People Michigan organizes across the state in rural, suburban and urban communities on unifying issues like paid sick time, redistricting, clean water and water rights to unite Michiganders across identities and geographies. They played a leading role in the Democratic sweep of all statewide offices in 2022 and are now mobilizing through a ‘reverse coattails’ strategy - connecting voters to top-of-mind local issues and the importance of voting the entire ballot.

Our support will allow WTPMI to retain staff and hire additional canvassers, organizers, and managers to  work year-round with the deep canvassing team in the lead-up to 2024 election work in support of the Democratic Senate candidate and Biden/Harris.

MONTANA: Big Sky 55+ 

Big Sky 55+ engages the 56% of Montanans who are 55 and older on the policy issues that impact them most: affordable housing, healthcare, Medicare and Social Security protection, prescription drug prices, and availability of nursing home beds.  

Big Sky works through relational networking in this enormous state and is holding Medicare Negotiation Town Halls with Senator Tester. To be successful,  they need funding to increase their organizing infrastructure.. Big Sky 55+’s 2023 policy and advocacy work is establishing a strong foundation to ensure the re-election of Jon Tester and to win the new competitive Congressional seat created in 2022.

NORTH CAROLINA: Down Home North Carolina

Down Home NC’s  constituency is exclusively rural. They work to build a multiracial coalition among working families in eight counties in Central and Western North Carolina. As a People’s Action affiliate, they’ve been effective at deep canvassing and voter persuasion efforts, and have achieved significant, durable effects changing voters’ minds about health care, immigration, and Trump.


Rural Organizing (Ohio) is the only major group in Ohio focused specifically on rural voters, in 2022 and 2023 they ran the fifth largest voter organizing and turnout field program in the state.They fought to protect and expand abortion access in 2023 and recently conducted a survey about authoritarian warning signs in rural communities.They are a chapter of, a national rural action and communications hub that includes a network of over 500,000 people. 



Pennsylvania United is rebuilding organizing infrastructure in working class western PA communities that have experienced historic disinvestment from economic opportunities. In 2024 they will knock on 400,000+ doors, run a statewide phone deep canvass (in-depth conversations) program targeting infrequent voters and those who feel disenfranchised, and layer in text and digital ads.


GALVANIZE ACTION connects online with moderate white women in rural areas and small towns, engaging them on issues such as reproductive freedom, healthcare, gender equity, climate, and the economy, and then supports them to vote their own values


THE RURAL DEMOCRACY INITIATIVE (RDI) is a funding collaborative that supports 125 groups like these that work alongside hundreds of thousands of people in rural areas, small towns, and small cities to improve their lives and communities.



Learn more about tax deductible giving to support rural organizing

through the Rural Democracy Initiative's  Heartland Fund

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