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Force Multiplier is a group of ordinary people who came together to rebuild our democracy. We are professors, graphic designers, publishers, psychologists, consultants, non-profit leaders, teachers and entrepreneurs. We have 25 active volunteers working on political research, communications, fundraising, community building, and operations. The co-chairs of these committees form our leadership team.

Tom Hallock

Co-chair of FM

Co-chair of Community Building

a retired book publisher


Laura Weisel
Co-chair of FM
Co-chair of Fundraising
a retired university administrator


Dale Smith
Co-chair of Political Research
a retired healthcare finance professional 


Carol Axelrod
Co-chair of Communications
a psychotherapist + career consultant

Beth Greely
Co-chair of Communications
a graphic designer + marketer


Fern Fisher

Co-chair of Community Building

a retired public school educator


Arlene Wyman Petri

Chair of Operations
a molecular geneticist

Esther Kaplan

Co-chair of Political Research

an arts administrator + non-profit consultant


Cindy Rowe
An Original Founder

a lawyer + political activist

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