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Let's ensure all Americans CAN + DO VOTE!

Save Democracy + Save Taxes!
The Force Multiplier Democracy in Action Slate

  • Supports five grassroots organizations that register new voters, educate voters about changing voting laws and promote turnout. 

  • Focuses on key constituencies in five critical states 

  • Consists entirely of 501(c)3s. Donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by the law.

  • Groups recommended by leading national voting rights advocates. 


Force Multiplier has met with the leadership of each organization to learn about their mission, capacity, strategies, budget, and funding gaps. We're confident in their leadership and effectiveness.

The groups in Force Multiplier’s Democracy in Action Slate are:

  • Arizona Center for Empowerment Organizes Hispanic voters in the three most populous counties in Arizona. ACE hopes to register 40,000 new voters in Arizona over the course of the next year

  • You Can Vote Does registration and voter education of under 40 year-olds in 43 North Carolina counties. They aim to educate and mobilize 500,000 underrepresented North Carolina voters, including 350,000 people between 18-34.  They also hoper to register 25,000 voters prioritizing young voters and voters of color.

  • New Georgia Project  Focuses on registering and moving new voters to the polls. Their target is registering 55,000 people of those who have moved to Georgia or turned 18 since January 2021, and those who were incarcerated and are now eligible to vote. They hope to move 150,000 new voters to the polls.

  • Make the Road PA registers and  educates voters, largely BIPOC, in Luzern, Bucks, Berks and Lehigh Counties. Their goal in 2022 is to register 10,000 new voters

  • Asian Community Development Council registers, educates and mobilizes voters in the AAPI community, which is the fastest growing demographic group in Nevada. Their goal is to register 15,000 voters before the Midterms.


Your contributions will support this important work
+ are tax-deductible.

Your receipt from Act Blue will include the organization's EIN number that you can use for tax purposes.

If you would like to make a  donation from a DAF (Donor Advised Fund), Family Foundation, or RMDs (Required Minimum Distribution) from IRAs OR if you prefer to write a check, please contact Force Multiplier Co-Chair Laura Weisel.

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