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John Fetterman


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“I’m running for the U.S. Senate to fight for all of Pennsylvania. That’s what I did as Mayor, it’s what I’m doing as Lieutenant Governor, and what I’ll do as your next U.S. Senator.”


“I’m just a dude that shows up and just talks about what I believe in, you know?”


“You’ll always know where I stand. I haven’t had to ‘evolve’ on the issues, because I’ve always said what I believe is true and I’ve been championing the same principles for the last 20 years.”



A native Pennsylvanian, Fetterman was born in West Reading. He describes himself as "sleepwalking" into young adulthood when he lost his best friend in a car accident and began his civic involvement in youth programs and community development. He has a BA from Albright College, an MBA from the University of Connecticut, and a Master of Public Policy from Harvard Kennedy School of Government.


Fetterman was an Americorps teacher in Braddock, PA where he worked to establish GED. He first gained some attention when he used family money to purchase an old church and turned it into space for a youth arts program, the first of many projects rehabilitating buildings for community use.


Fetterman moved to Braddock in 2004 where he became mayor and was
re-elected in 2009, 2013, 2017.  In 2016, he ran in the D primary for US senate and won 20% of the vote. In 2017, he won the Democratic primary for Lieutenant Governor over the incumbent, Mike Stack and prevailed in the general with incumbent Gov, Tom Wolfe. As Lieutenant Governor, Fetterman has worked on criminal justice reform and has traveled extensively throughout the state, even to the smallest communities.


Fetterman lives in a restored car dealership in Braddock with his wife Gisel Barreto , their three children, and rescue dog, Levi.



Fetterman is an unabashed progressive who promotes legalization of marijuana, criminal justice reform, voting rights, abortion rights, protections for LBGTQ people, raising the minimum wage to $15, Medicare for All, and instituting a wealth tax. He was endorsed by Bernie Sanders in 2018.

  • The minimum wage should be a living wage of at least $15 an hour. All work has dignity, and all paychecks must too.

  • Health care is a fundamental human right – just like housing, food, and education. 

  • Climate change is an existential threat. We need to transition to clean energy as quickly as possible, and we can create millions of good union jobs in the process. 

  • Weed should be legal, nationwide — for jobs, justice, veterans, farmers, and revenue. It’s time to end the failed war on drugs. 

  • Immigration is what makes America, America. We need a compassionate response to immigration reform that actually treats immigrants like human beings. 

  • Black Lives Matter. Fetterman served as mayor of a city that is more than 80% Black and has championed the idea that Black lives matter since long before it became a slogan.

  • The union way of life is sacred. It’s what built this nation, and it must be protected.  

  • A woman’s right to an abortion is non-negotiable. Women should have control over their own bodies and their own lives. Period.

  • Protections under the law. John has always stood for equality and was one of the first elected officials in PA to officiate a same-sex wedding – when it was still illegal. 

  • Get corporate money out of politics. John refuses contributions from corporate PACs, and he signed the “No Fossil Fuel Money” Pledge.all from



Fetterman will face Mehmet Oz in a presidential battleground contest that is expected to be among the nation’s most competitive this fall. The seat is open because two-term Republican Sen. Pat Toomey is retiring, creating the Democrats’ best opportunity to pick up a seat in the closely divided Senate. The Pennsylvania Governor’s seat will also be contested this fall and with Republicans in full control of the state legislature, the stakes are high.

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