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Voter registration + turnout have been rising,

but 30% of eligible voters are still not registered.


47% of eligible voters did not vote in America in 2022.

That's over 100 million eligible citizens who are not
participating in our democracy.

We have work to do to ensure that all Americans


Force Multiplier recommends three voter empowerment programs
 support grassroots groups
mobilizing voters in their communities.

Together we can have an impact.


the RURAL victory fund

What: Supports 8 grassroots groups that register + mobilize voters who live in small towns and cities, and sparsely populated areas. Groups promote progressive policies + fight for fair elections. They also develop communication strategies to provide accurate, relevant information to rural communities to counter the socially divisive narrative coming from right-wing social media, talk radio + cable news.

Learn more about 8 groups

Where: Arizona Montana + Ohio + Pennsylvania + North Carolina Michigan + Nevada 
+ Georgia


Rural Democracy Initiative 


Fund type: 501 (c)4 fund

Farmer Representation _edited.jpg

 the heartland fund

What: Supports 7 grassroots groups in nonpartisan civic engagement + issue advocacy, communications + organizing power in rural areas + small towns. 

Learn more about 7 groups


Where: Arizona Montana + Ohio Pennsylvania North Carolina Michigan +Georgia


Partner: Rural Democracy Initiative 


Fund type: 501(c)3 fund
Donations are tax deductible.
If you would like to donate through a DAF or RMD,
please contact us.


in action

What: Supports 6 grassroots groups doing non-partisan voter registration education

engagement among constituencies who share our values (largely BIPOC, women 18-40 year olds and/or union members)
Learn more about 8 groups

Where: Georgia North Carolina Pennsylvania 
Ohio Montana Arizona.

Partners: Groups are selected by Force Multiplier

Fund type: 501(c)3 fund

Donations are tax deductible.
If you would like to donate through a DAF or RMD,
please contact us.

Expanding the electorate and protecting democracy:

Previous Force Multiplier Voter ​Empowerment Campaigns in 2023:

The Wisconsin Democracy Fund
A partnership between Force
Multiplier + the America Votes Action Fund supporting 5 grassroots groups doing direct voter contact during the April 2023 Wisconsin Supreme Court election. 


Outcome: 1.8M Wisconsin voters turned out to give Judge Janet Protasiewicz an 11 point victory, flipping the Wisconsin Supreme Court to a progressive majority. This new majority will be able to address gerrymandered election districts, voting rights, an outdated 1849 abortion ban, workers’ rights and more.

The Ohio Democracy Fund

Supported the Ohio Womens' Alliance and Ohio Student Association in registering, educating and mobilizing voters to defend abortion rights and voter-led ballot initiatives. 


Outcome: 57% voted NO to defeat the August referendum which would have required 60% approval for future ballot initiatives. TargetSmart reported a surge in turnout among women, youth + Black voters, exactly the demographics targeted by the groups we supported. A constitutional amendment to protect reproductive freedom is on the ballot in November. 

The Montana Democracy Fund

Supports the work of groups organizing youth and Native communities: Forward Montana and Western Native Voice. 

Ongoing work!

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