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Force Multiplier raises money for Voter Empowerment Groups in battleground states that do the important work on the ground.


They are the community face that assures that all Americans


Our First Voter Empowerment Action

Focuses on Wisconsin 
Wisconsin will be a decisive 2024 Presidential + Senate battleground state.

The elections for the Wisconsin Supreme Court this spring give us an opportunity to engage voters and lay the democracy groundwork for 2024 and beyond.


The Wisconsin Democracy Fund
A partnership between Force Multiplier + the America Votes Action Fund

supporting 5 grassroots groups doing direct voter contact now through Election Day


Winning a majority on the Wisconsin Supreme Court in 2023 will protect abortion + voting rights + reverse recent gerrymandering + voter suppression!

A handful of MAGA donors have already committed $20 million to this election.
It's time for us to step up! 

Hear from a couple of our voter empowerment recipients.

Watch a 6 minute video about FM + Voter Empowerment

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