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Support Force Multiplier's Democracy in Action Slate!

The Force Multiplier Democracy in Action slate supports grassroots organizations that are expanding the electorate and building democracy in 6 critical states. 
All groups on this slate are non-partisan 501c3s + provide an opportunity for tax-advantaged giving.


ARIZONA: Worker Power Institute-Arizona (formerly known as CASE) 

A multi-racial, multigenerational organization dedicated to achieving economic, social, and racial justice through civic and policy engagement.   In the 2023-2024 cycle they will focus on expanding the electorate: 

  • Worker Power Campaign School - To train lead field organizers in a campaign to survey independent voters on their issue concerns in Maricopa County

  • Canvass, register, and educate voters for Phoenix City Council election

  • Collect more than 30,000 voter registration applications, including for permanent vote-by-mail among young people of color in Maricopa County and rural areas of central and southern Arizona

  • Mass voter education: Recruit 700 canvassers to knock on at least 1.5 million doors in support of reproductive rights and minimum wage ballot initiatives


GEORGIA: New Georgia Project 

  • New Georgia Project is a nonpartisan effort to register, civically engage, and build power with the new Georgia majority – the large and growing population of Black, brown, young, and other historically marginalized voters in the Peach State. 

  • NGP plans to register 50,000 new voters with 20 full time organizers working on issues campaigns such as childcare, housing affordability, abortion rights, and environmental justice.  Campaigns include:

  • Black Mamas initiative focused on maternal health and safety  

  • CLEAR initiative aiming to cancel college debt working with NGP chapters on campuses, affordable childcare, and affordable housing  

  • My Community, My Hospital focused on hospital closings in Georgia and their effect on healthcare, especially in rural areas. Georgia is “closing hospitals and building prisons.”

  • Legalizing maurijuana and getting BIPOC into the industry

  • Faith in Action program working with religious groups 

  • The purpose of these initiatives is to empower the voters of Georgia and encourage their participation in future elections.

MONTANA: Forward Montana Foundation 

Forward Montana is committed to building political power in Montana young people. They have programs for 14-18 year olds and 18-35 year olds. They focus on leadership development, voter registration (including pre-registration of 17 year olds), voter education, public forums, issues advocacy, and voter turnout. Their work includes:

  • Using community events such as music festivals to register, educate and activate young voters. Goal for this election cycle is to register 8000 voters; 3100 registered so far this year. 

  • Ongoing relationships with 12 high schools to pre-register and educate 17+ year olds about  voting

  • Conduct a campus tour which includes rural tribal colleges



Trains and mobilizes volunteers to educate, register, and empower North Carolina citizens to vote, focusing on historically marginalized people - low-income, currently and formerly incarcerated, with disabilities, ages 16-25 and/or people of color (POC). Headquartered in Durham, they have regional offices in Charlotte, Winston-Salem, Wilmington, Greensboro, and Raleigh and are active in 60 of North Carolina’s 100 counties which are home to  over 70% of the state’s population.​


OHIO: Ohio Women’s Alliance 

OWA is a  power-building reproductive justice organization providing programming, resources, and education for women, femmes, gender-nonconforming folks, and youth throughout Ohio. Having helped defeat the August ballot initiative restricting citizen-led ballot initiatives, they're now focused on voter mobilization for the November initiative to protect the right to abortion through a constitutional amendment. They have a goal of 400,000 voter contacts utilizing both paid and volunteer canvassers. Outreach will be by phone, text, digital, site-based and in-person canvassing. Preliminary results from the August 8 special election show particularly high turnout and support among women, BIPOC, and young people - exactly the demographics that OWA is targeting. 


Their efforts in 2023 will generate new, informed, and enthusiastic voters and volunteers, building organizational capacity for the future.


Builds power in Latinx, immigrant, and working-class communities of color in five Pennsylvania counties: Lehigh, Berks, Philadelphia, Luzern, and Bucks.  Pennsylvania’s Latino population grew by 45% since 2010 according to 2020 census data. Their 2023 priorities are:

  • Engaging voters in critical municipal elections, prioritizing voter registration of low propensity voters of color

  • Educating voters about their rights to no-excuse vote by mail under Act 77  and pushing forward voting rights expansion legislation which would  enable same day voter Voter ID and ensure language access 

  • Building relationships with election directors to provide language access to elections. Ensuring  recruitment of poll workers involves cultural awareness and intentional recruitment from Black, Indigenous Communities of Color​

If you would like to make a donation from a donor advised fund, your retirement account, or personal or family charity,  please contact us at

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