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Let's ensure all Americans CAN + DO VOTE!

Rural and small town voters matter + their votes can decide elections.

The rural vote share in 2020 exceeded the Presidential margin of victory in the key states of GA, AZ, WI and PA. There is, however, a lack of progressive investment in reaching the rural space. Making inroads with rural voters can help us build a stronger progressive base in key states for 2022 and beyond.

To achieve that goal, Force Multiplier is supporting the

The Rural Victory Fund

at the Rural Democracy Initiative (RDI).


Rural Democracy Initiative (RDI) is a funding collaborative that supports permanent progressive organizing and communications infrastructure in rural areas, small towns, and small cities. Over the year, we've talked and strategized with RDI staff and the grassroots groups they fund. The more we get to know them, the more excited we are about our partnership to support rural organizing. 


Your donation supports RDI's 501c4 Rural Victory Fund, which funds groups to register and mobilize voters, promote progressive policies, and fight for fair elections in Senate battleground States. They also develop compelling communication strategies to spread a local, progressive message to counter the socially divisive narrative coming from right-wing social media, talk radio, and cable news.


The groups include:
Wisconsin Farmers Union

Down Home North Carolina

Rural Arizona Action



Amplify NH

Courier Newsroom


For information on these groups click here.

Check out the video of our event for the Rural Democracy Initiative 

Donate to the
Rural Victory Fund
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