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We helped Flip the House

We focused exclusively on 15 House candidates challenging incumbent Republicans. 13 of the 15 (87%) won + helped Democrats win a majority in the House of Representatives. 89% of the funds we raised went to races in which the margin of victory was 7% or less. We raised $700,000 + our community grew to 1,200.



We helped Hold the House, Flip the Senate + Win the White House 

We expanded our work to include candidates for the Senate + voter empowerment groups working in Presidential + Senatorial battleground states. We raised $6.3 million + our community grew to 10,000 contributors.


Holding the House

We raised $1.2 million for our House candidates. In a year in which the Democrats lost 11 seats, we helped defend 11 + flip one, helping to preserve the majority. In total, we supported 22 candidates, 12 of whom won. 87% of funds raised through Force Multiplier went to races that were decided by less than 7%. We also supported many candidates in competitive races who were unable to retain their seats in the face of heavy Republican turnout with Trump on the ballot.


Flipping the Senate

We raised $2.8 million for 9 Senate candidates, 7 of them in states Trump won in 2018. In a hyper-partisan election in which ticket splitting was uncommon, we helped flip three seats (CO + two in GA), enough to gain narrow control of the Senate. In total, three of our candidates won and six lost. 65% of funds raised went to races in which the margin of victory was 7% or less.

Turning the White House Blue

We raised $2.2 million to mobilize voters + protect the vote. We funded voter empowerment efforts through the Movement Voter Project, supporting more than 60 locally led grassroots groups in seven key states: Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Florida, North Carolina + Georgia. The five states that flipped in the Presidential election were in this group, as were the two seats that flipped to give us control of the Senate + the only House seat that flipped to help us Hold the House. 

Our voter protection work with Fair Fight + the DSCC Legal Fund also helped ensure strong turnout in the face of the pandemic + aggressive voter suppression.




We helped to expand the Senate majority + prevent a red wave in the House

We raised over $8.0 million this cycle + our community remained steady at 11,000.


Narrowly Losing the House

During a cycle in which Democrats had to defend a narrow 5 seat majority, House districts were redrawn with significant Republican gerrymandering. Force Multiplier supported 35 candidates, 23 (66%) of whom won + 12 of whom lost. 85% of the funds we raised went to candidates in races in which the margin of victory was 7% or less. While losing the majority, Democrats bucked historical midterm trends, giving up just 10 seats. 


Expanding the Senate Majority

We supported 8 candidates, 4 of them incumbents, 3 running for open seats + 1 challenger. 5 of them (63%) won, increasing the Democratic majority to 51. One hundred percent of our funds went to Senate races in which the margin of victory was 7% or less.


Ensuring that People Can + Do Vote

  • Increase Democratic Turnout in the Midterms: We partnered with America Votes to support 35 grassroots groups in 7 Senate battleground states that focused on mobilizing the 25 million “blue surge” voters who turned out to repudiate Trumpism in 2018 + 2020 but who had not voted in 2016. Collectively these groups knocked on over 3 million doors.


  • Outreach to Rural Voters: Because many of our priority states have significant rural populations, we partnered with the Rural Democracy Initiative to support 7 groups through the Rural Victory Fund. 


  • Register, Educate + Mobilize Voters: Our tax-exempt Democracy in Action fund supported 6 locally-led groups in AZ, NV, GA, NC, PA + WI.


  • Fight Gerrymandering: We supported The National Democratic Redistricting Committee. 


We're proud of how we’ve come together at a critical moment in our history
+ found a way to make a difference.

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