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Together we can build a Congress

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Force Multiplier helps your dollars make change.

We're an all volunteer fundraising group that has raised over $19 million
from a community of over 16,000 donor
that has grown nation-wide since 2017.
Our focus is on w
inning Democratic majorities in the House + Senate 
supporting voter empowerment groups who work to strengthen our democracy.

We do the research so you don't have to.

Just one click + you have impact.
(simple really!)


FM House Slate

Support House candidates in 23 key races we need to win to Flip the House and achieve a Democratic majorityRead candidate bios

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FM Senate Slate

Support 7 Senate candidates in races we need to win to Hold the Senate and maintain a Democratic majority. Read candidate bios


This month's featured Voter Empowerment Fund:


The Blue Surge Turnout Fund

Supports a massive
mobilization program

to turn out
3.2 million surge voters 

in Presidential and Senate Battleground States. A partnership with America Votes.

This election is all about turnout!

Now more than ever, our support of grassroots groups working in battleground states is essential to mobilizing every voter.

We've done the research + can recommend a variety of voter empowerment groups that we know can + will have impact on this election on elections to come.

These groups work in communities of color, rural districts, with youth voters + in areas where voter suppression is alive + well in 2024. They register, educate + mobilize voters + form inspiring community connections that continue year to year. 
Read about our 5 Voter Empowerment funds

If you would like to support the Biden/Harris Campaign through FM you can do it.   DONATE

Never has there been a race with such contrast of visions for this country.

Let's elect Joe Biden, defend democracy + move our country forward!

The word of the month is NOW!
With only five months left...what are you waiting for?

Monday, June 24
7:00-8:00pm ET on Zoom

Help Turn Out 3.2 Million Surge Voters in
9 Battleground States!

Speakers include:

Greg Speed, President of America Votes

Alex Gomez, Exec. Director of Living United for Change in Arizona

Steve Paul, Exec. Director of One Pennsylvania


Force Multiplier is partnering with America Votes + 40 grassroots groups in AZ, NV, WI, MI, PA, GA, MT, OH + NC to turn out youth, people of color + other infrequent voters we need to win in November.

REGISTER + DONATE   Your donations will support FM'S BLUE SURGE FUND.

3 house.jpg

Tuesday, July 9
7:00-8:00pm ET on Zoom


Meet 3 Candidates Who Can Help Flip the House

Janelle Bynum, Oregon 05 + Sue Altman, New Jersey 07

+ Derek Tran, California 45


Democrats need a net gain of only 4 seats to win a majority in the House. Here are three of our best opportunities.

All three of these candidates are running competitive races in districts that were won by Biden/Harris in 2020 and are currently represented by Republicans. 

Things you should know about Force Multiplier...

We're an independentall volunteer fundraising organization
committed to protecting our democracy by building a network of citizen donors.



We believe we all have a role to play in the political process,
regardless of where we live or how much we have to give.

Our collective impact is real. 

...we do data-driven research 
to identify candidates + groups where your support will have the most impact.

...we never touch the money 
your dollars go directly to candidates + groups you support through Act Blue.

...we never share or sell your email address 
because we understand email overload + respect your priva

...we're growing by simply asking people to talk to those who share their values 
we've grown to over 16,
000 people from all fifty states. 

So what can you do?



You invite the guests +
we do the rest.  

Find out more!

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We never share your info!

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Send our emails to friends + help us multiply.

We can help you.



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Spread the word.

There are lots of positive messages about Democrats + the issues to share in your conversations with friends + family! Fight false news with facts about the economy, climate change, healthcare, guns, civil rights + media trends. Talking is our superpower! Talk to everyone.


FM Co-chair Tom Hallock speaks about where FM is focused in this election year.

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