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Our rights + freedoms, our bodies + our planet
are threatened by the far right.

Force Multiplier helps your dollars make change

We are an all volunteer fundraising group that has raised over $15 million from a community of more than 10,000 donors since 2017. Our focus is on winning Democratic majorities in the House + Senate and supporting voter empowerment groups who work to strengthen our democracy.


We do the research so you don't have to.

just one click + you have impact


FM House Slate

Support 13 members of the House from the battleground districts.  We need to hold these seats to win the majority and Flip the House in 2024.

Candidate bios here.

FM Senate Slate

Support 4 Senators in races we must win in order to Hold the Senate and restore balance to ther Supreme Court.

Candidate bios  here.

Voter Empowerment


 We support multiple groups doing  important work in swing states to register, educate + mobilize voters.

They are what Democracy looks like!

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Force Multiplier Events 

Meet Senator Tammy Baldwin from Wisconsin
Wednesday, September 20, 7:00-8:00pm ET

Tammy Baldwin is running for re-election in a state where the last Senatorial election + the last two Presidential elections have been decided by 1% or less. Her race is one of a handful of races that will determine whether Democrats hold the majority in the Senate. Join us in supporting her!


Baldwin is our first openly-gay Senator + she is focused on a stronger economy, American manufacturing for American jobs, LGBTQ+, women’s + civil rights, the built + natural environments, agriculture; education, veterans’ rights + more.

botd-rosenberg square.jpg

Meet Simon RosenbergWhy Things Go Better with Democrats + How We Can Win in 2024
Thursday, October 5, 7:00-8:00pm ET

Simon Rosenberg, who debunked the predictions of a“red wave” in the ‘22 midterms, will speak about the political dynamics of this cycle + the critical importance of regaining a Democratic majority in the House. Simon is a political strategist + commentator with more than 30 years of experience in national politics + television news. He is the author of the popular substack newsletter, Hopium Chronicles. Donations will benefit the 13 vulnerable incumbents on the Force Multiplier House Slate.

Meet Three Members of the Pennsylvania House Delegation:

Reps. Susan Wild, Matt Cartwright, and Chris Deluzio

Thursday, October 19, 7:00-8:00pm ET

Three Congressmen from the Presidential, Senatorial + House swing state of Pennsylvania talk about the challenges of winning close races + representing purple districts. They will also share their experiences of being in the minority in a Republican-led House + tell us about the urgency of restoring a Democratic majority.

Check Out Our New FM Talking Points...

There are lots of positive messages about Democrats + the issues to share in your conversations with friends + family!

Things you should know about Force Multiplier...

We're an independentall volunteer fundraising organization
committed to protecting our democracy by building a network of citizen donors.


We believe we all have a role to play in the political process,
regardless of where we live or how much we have to give.  

...we do data-driven research 
to identify candidates + gr
oups where your support will have the most impact.

...we never touch the money 
your dollars go directly to candidates + groups you support through Act Blue.

...we never share or sell your email address 
because we understand email overload + respect your priva

...we're growing by simply asking people to talk to those who share their values 
we've grown to over 11,000 people from all fifty states. 

So what can you do?

Whether you're looking for a way to make a difference or searching for a political home... or just looking for solid well-researched political investment advice we think that you'll find it here with Force Multiplier.

sign up for FM's mailing list + you'll get...

•   Invites to all of our events with candidates + activists + thought leaders.

•   The latest recommendations for candidates + voter empowerment groups

•   Our monthly newsletter with tips on networking + political perspectives 

•   Our promise that we will never share or sell you email info

Join our mailing list.

hold a house easy way to get involved

One of the most effective ways we expand our base is through Zoom house parties. They are information sessions about Force Multiplier + are not fundraisers. By hosting a house party you will inform your friends + family about the impactful work we do. You invite the guests + we do the rest. We provide speakers + do the tech + give you invitation templates + lots of support throughout the process. It’s an easy + fun way to get involved.
For more info, or to schedule a house party
contact Fern Fisher

2house party.jpg

become a Multiplier + help spread the word

Simply forward our emails to your friends who you think would like to know about Force Multiplier + our events. You can help be the engine behind our growth + help us further impact critical elections nationwide. You can do this on your own or join a more formal Multiplier community that shares, tips + technology to make networking easy + effective.
For more info 
contact Bill Petri


Help us spread the word

We've grown from 12 to 10,000 simply by
people talking to people.


There is power in community.

Check Out Our FM Videos...

We have been lucky to host some of America's best political minds at FM events. While we are not able to record candidate events, we do record special guests and voter empowerment leaders. Get inspired!

"Perpetual optimism is a force multiplier."


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