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Force Multiplier is an independent, volunteer fundraising organization that supports candidates who will ensure a Democratic majority in the House + Senate, as well as groups that work to make sure that people CAN + DO VOTE.

The Democratic candidates we support are all in the critical "toss-up" races that will determine which party controls the House + Senate. Force Multiplier does the research, selects the candidates + helps ensure they have the resources they need to get their messages out win!

Thanks to the support of many, we've raised over $11 million so far for Blue House + Senate Candidates + Voter Empowerment Groups.

August is All About New Voice Candidates
in the House!

Upcoming Events

First Week: Tuesday August 9, 7:00-8:00pm ET

New Voices.
New Leaders.

Join a series of events
to introduce our
challengers to our

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Second Week: Wednesday August 17, 7:00-8:00pm ET

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House 2.jpg

Third Week: Wednesday August 24, 7:00-8:00pm ET

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Meet Mandela Barnes, WI + Help Build a Solid Senate Majority 


The Wisconsin Democratic Party has announced that Lt Gov. Mandela Barnes is their official nominee for the US Senate. Come and meet this strong candidate and learn about the difficulties of running a race in a state where voter suppression challenges the vote.


Thursday, September 8, 7:00-8:00pm ET  Zoom

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Expand the DEMOCRATIC MAJORITY in the House + Senate

FM New Voice House Candidates Slate 12 candidates running for new, open or Republican held seats.   More info  DONATE

FM Senate Slate 2022’s 8 most competitive Senate races More info  DONATE

Support Year-Round VOTER EMPOWERMENT in Swing States

Build Midterm Democratic Turnout with the Blue Surge Turnout Fund

A partnership of FM + America Votes Action Fund. More info  DONATE

Reach Out to Rural Voters with the Rural Victory Fund

A partnership of FM + Rural Democracy Initiative. More info  DONATE

Support Voter Registration + Education with the Democracy in Action Fund 

This fund is tax deductible. More info  DONATE


To donate by check or from an RMD or DAF, email us HERE

A Democratic Congress is our only hope for passing gun safety laws + acting on climate change + protecting reproductive rights + preserving our democracy.
What we do for you...
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100% of what we raise goes directly to the candidates or groups through Act Blue.

Force Multiplier never touches your money + we don't share your info.

Our work is done through relational networking.

That's people talking to people.

Help us spread the word to your friends + family.

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We hope you'll jump in + make a difference!

Watch 4 videos to help you
BE THE MESSENGER to your friends.

C U R I O U S ?

Come find out all about FM + how you can get involved.

 Pick a date + sign up here.

"Perpetual optimism is a force multiplier."